Manehattan's Mediocre Public Transport Leads to Possible Scandal

Traffic in Horse Lee, where road repairs have been on going for weeks.
By Jim and Dmitri, Horse News 
“Manehattan’s public transport is bullshit, ese!” say’s displeased illegal immigrant local. 

Several reports of inadequate public transport in Manhattan has caused uproar among the ranks of the MPTS, and open up a possibility of a scandal. These complaints come as a surprise to the administration which, in the past year, had received millions of bits in grants to upgrade Manhattan's transport. Many politicians and ponies are questioning where and how these funds were allocated. Some politicians have even called for an investigation from The Royal Investigation Guard (RIG).

Many sources suggest that the head of the MPTS and owner of Digiberg Network, Mr. Digiberg, was involved in a possible bit laundering scheme with First Result, the Chief Editor of the Digiburg Network. When questioned by our reporters, neither of them gave a concise answer. Both systematically replied with "We are much to important to deal with your petty non-sense."

4Q earning of the MPTS (MT) seemed to slump, despite the grants of the previous quarter, and the Digiberg Network (DB) reported an increase of 10% in quarterly earnings. These statistics may have a correlation to the money laundering scandal, but Mr. Digiberg simply claimed that the facts mean "absolutely nothing." His chief editor First Result simply denied that the data even existed.

Digiberg Network and the MPTS are two of the largest and most influential organizations in Manehattan. With Mr. Digiberg controlling both the major media and transportation of Manehatten, it is odd that he seemed completely oblivious to the scandal around his administrations.

Despite Digibergs claim that everything was going "according to plan," many ponies of Manehatten still had complaints about the state of affairs. Fortunately, we managed to get a few words from Tony, one of the managers of the taxi service. 
“I dunno was wrong. I tell tha Digi guy every time tah stahp hirin pones off tha street and get some real workers, but no! That jabronie always fucks up mah business by givin me cheap Appaloosa immigrants to drive. He sayz cuttin cost or sumdin. I dunno ... Oh, and about tha few cabs we have, that’s tha governments fault. Yeah! And tha syndicate ain’t doin’ anything about it! Fucking jabronies… We try our best to give tha best rides around town, if you know what I mean. This once time a couple started to get frisky in tha back of tha cab and I, as a gentlecolt from Jersey Colt, tried to help this guy with his wife, but tha prick just punched me in tha kisser! And you know what I did? I beat tha fuck outta him! That fuckin’ jabronie…”
After speaking with Tony, we decided to ask a couple of ponies about their experiences on board of the public transport.

“I was peacefully riding a cab home with my wife. I clearly remember it. It was a very cloudy afternoon, my wife and I started to cuddle. After some minutes, the driver parks up, whips out his dick and starts harassing my wife and me! I immediately reacted and punch that imbecile in the face, but somehow right after hitting him, I slipped on a hotdog and blacked out. It was horrible”
Do you have any complaints about Manehattan’s public transport? Give them a call at 555-618-jabronie.

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