Ponychan is leaking into /mlp/

Oh great, more bitching about this. Yes, if you have somehow been living under Tom a rock for the past several months, a split has been made on /mlp/. The autistic white nights who believe that /mlp/ "NEEDS TO BE WORK SAFE CAUSE I'M OFFENDED AND WE NEED TO KEEP IT CLEAN AND WAAH WAAH WAAH". Then there's the autistic perverts who just go >but mah horse pussy.

So it didn't seem so strange one anon would post about the biggest ponychan white knights "KnightSavant" and, even worse, trigfaggot "Mobius One (Element of Nobility)". No, he seriously goes by Element of Nobility. His euphoria is shining that hard, guys. His waifu loves it.

Soon after the thread's start, a porn dump was started to mock the white knights. Ah yes, Scruffy's lack of strangle on /mlp/'s balls was providing late night freedom once again.

Remember. MLPcritic posts are scruffy free for your viewing pleasures.
But what's this? Upon the hill rode a glorious neckbeard. His piercing Rarara armor blinded us all, for it's massive round shape and grease stained form was too much. And in rode the man to make /ponychan/ proud. The man-child among us. The whiniest little bitch of the day. Could it be? Yes! It is! It's "Mobius One (Element of Nobility)"! Oh what beautiful words will he deliver to his disciples in their time of need?

There's so much wrong here, we gave it to Scoots and he just rolled over and died vomiting pasta.
Ah yes, with the glorious idiocy only FinalDraft could call his own, this little pussy white knight decided HE knew what was best for the board. Yes, this random tripfag fresh off the boat from the pone chan gets to dictate an established boards culture. And he's trying to accomplishment by crowding a bunch of other little autistic white knights to annoy the shit out of scruffy be sending him uber-threatning emails and bitching and moaning about it.

You know, the mature thing to do!

The thread continued from there, with piles of porn upon porn upon porn. All while Mobius the Element of Fedora continued his crusade. It became enough to where Based Capper came in and laid down his thoughts. And I have to say, Capper nailed this one on the head, and I couldn't agree more.

Mah Capper
From this point it basically stayed the same. Mobius the Element of Euphoria kept acting le sarcastic and so le cool. All the while, anons kept posting porn. Oh and what porn it was. Gentlemen, my erection still hasn't subsided, even while writing this I don't agree with these lewd images showing mah waifu and others in such erotic and sinful positions, but I'll be DAMNED if I let some little french pussy take that away from me.

However, Scruffy finally got back from touching himself and decided to actually do something for once, so right after the caps it 404'd. This leads to the great revelation Horse-News had about this little shit.

Maybe he should kill himself, too. Just a suggestion.


Well apparently he's not being a little shit. Yes, RainbowDash/Chrysalis/Mobius the Element of Sodomy decided posting again was a great idea! Oh joy! In fact, his retard partner in crime KnightAssServant doesn't even want him around and totally wasn't kidding at all.
And, WHAT A SHOCK, Mobius the Element of Autism showed up. And what does this canker sore do? 

Hey tries acting like he's a winner? I'm confused, who won here? There's still a shit load of porn, not only on /mlp/, but thousands, millions on deviantart. Man, you and PinkiePony must be working together because you're making the same great impact she is. Ya, you keep acting like a winner, but it sure doesn't show.

Eh, I guess he just doesn't know what that feels like, I'll let it slide

Horse-News would like to say we don't condone violent suicide, which is why we recommend sending Mobius some Hasbro Happy Fun Time Cyanide Capsules to force feed him.

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    1. This.

      Ponychan is hardly relevant anymore these days.
      Not even the two self-serve advertisements on 4chan for them, which I made and paid for without their consent for the sake of butthurt, could save their dying website.

  2. So, that first Fluttershy picture, anyone have a link?

  3. Autism comes in many flavors.

    Autism that is overly straight-laced and white knight-ish.
    Autism that is all about horse porn and nothing but horse porn.
    Autism that obsesses over the show.
    Autism that obsesses over the autists that obsess over the show.

    The only winning move in the autism game... is not to play.

    1. Almost everyone is autistic as a newfag brownie, its best to not post when you're at your first year.

  4. The answer is simple: all we need is for his trip to be cracked once, wait til he changes it, and then everyone post claiming to be the new trip, robbing him of his precious tripcode and rendering him effectively anon.

  5. Mmmmh... that newfag smell. It's always the same isn't it? They spend many a hour waging war on one thread, and maybe they last a few more, maybe they last a month's worth of threads, but it sinks in eventually. They begin to see there is no end. There is no war. There will be no victory. They can stand strong pushing against wave after wave waist deep in the shoreline, but the ocean doesn't care. It continues on with or without their minor interference. And always will.

    No amount of spam will change anything. All white knights end up the same. They either leave feeling like a smug hero, or stay long enough to realize they're a shitposter.

  6. Speaking of hugboxing... it is important to understand that, while fighting hugboxers, a group of freedom fighters can become hugboxers themselves.

    In other words, there are other ways to be cool than posting horse porn.

    1. "In other words, there are other ways to be cool than posting horse porn."

      i doubt that

  7. Knight is not a ponychanner.

    1. >Being this new and trying to use greentext on Horse News

  8. I love how furfaggots who found the show through porn get all whiny and frustrated when they try to post their disgusting furry shit on /mlp/ and it gets deleted. And then the really autistic ones come back and keep doing it like some kind of internet "protest".

    God, the degeneracy I see on this board on a daily basis.

  9. Is this for real? I fit is, your reaction to it is so immature. I was kinda checking this site out, but if this is the stuff that I'm going to find here than I don't think I'll be browsing this site....

  10. >*rolls eyes*
    Someone please stop this madness.