Poni Parade Releases; Imgur Link Below

The time has come. And so have we. After nearly a year of waiting, Poni Parade can finally be viewed by the general public, and for free too! The book features artwork from the likes of ManiacPaint, gan999, Rikose, and the big boy Atryl -- more on the release after the break.

Poni Parade is a collaborative pornographic book brought together by a large number of pony artists unafraid to dabble in the oft-attacked realm of horse porn. The Offbeatr page for the project states,
The Special Edition's cover alone might make it worth the price
"Poni Parade features 9 comics and dozens and dozens and dozens of pinups for a total of 110+ pages; Poni Parade is brimming with some of your favorite art by your favorite artists and will definitely be one of your most prized books in your collection."
You can purchase the book or its special edition here for $40-$80,  or if you're a poorfag, hit up the imgur link here. The book features art from the likes of ManiacPaint, gan999, Rikose, and the big boy Atryl.

Crowds are going wild for Poni Parade in these opening hours of its release, many frothing at the mouth to get their hands on more wet, throbbing, marehoods. Here's what readers on-site had to say about the book;
"First comic is about digging a fucking egg out of Derpy's prolapsed arse. I'm gonna chalk that one up to a draw, boner" -Anon
"Anthro, more anthro, some humanized stuff... it's shit" -Anon
"5/10 best I can do" -Tony Kornheiser 
"9/10 - It's shit" - IGN 
After a quick perusal at the book's contents, I can say that, while a bit of the anthro gets a shade too fetish-ey for this editor, the pinups and humanized bits are incredibly well drawn and can certainly heat up a room. Get yours today!

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  1. ugh, no hooves.
    Seriously, why does no one draw some good old vanilla my little pony pornography?

    1. Because furries and the porn they yiff to are the cancer of the internet.

    2. Your obviously not looking hard enough.

  2. You guys are getting slower, get some faggots who aren't underage and NEET so they can actually be on this shit faster and Seth can get some damn sleep.

  3. 10/10, fapped to it 8 times already.

  4. The only good part was when derpy had eggs up her ass

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  6. Kornheiser weighed in? Something tells me ESPN won't pardon THAT kind of interruption.

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    Clop away horsefuckers. Be warned though, >no hooves

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