Horse News Special Report: Is your Foal an Alcohol?

"O-oh yeah, well you're *hic* a... uh... fuck."
With the increase of liberal tendencies prevalent in today’s modern youth, it isn’t hard to imagine your precious little foal/griffin/dragon/satyr abomination experiencing the act of drinking at a much younger age than the law indicates.  While underage drinking is illegal and we here at Horse News “do not condone it in any way” (hi, NSA!), there is realistically little that parents and law enforcement officials can do to prevent young offspring of various species from experimenting with alcohol.

However, a growing number of parents are becoming concerned that their sweet little angels/dragons may be abusing alcohol, making them at risk for alcoholism as well as a number of liver diseases.

In response to this growing panic, we here at Horse News would like to present a helpful list of warning signs to help you determine if your child is an alcohol:

1. You see your child drinking heavily

A number of expensive government studies have shown that there may indeed be a link between heavy consumption of alcohol and alcohol-related illnesses.  A number of alcohol-related interest groups have made sure through illicit donations that we include the fact that these studies are by no means conclusive and that there is no legitimate reason to worry if you notice your child consuming large amounts of alcohol.
I don't have a problem! YOU'RE the one with a problem!
2. Your child hangs out at seedy bars

In another equally expensive government study, it was found that bars do indeed serve alcoholic beverages.  If your child is hanging out at these sort of places, this means that it is scientifically possible for your child to purchase alcoholic beverages at these locations.  We have yet to determine the connection between these facts, however.

3. Your child has come home stumbling and vomiting

This probably just means your child is a lightweight.  Tell them to stop being such a pussy and hand them another beer, or else they may become dehydrated.  Keep getting those fluids in ‘em!

4. Your child has ever given oral sex to complete strangers for alcohol money

Why the hell are you even worrying about alcohol? God only knows what kind of STDs your child has.  Make sure you tell your family’s estranged child-molesting uncle about that, else he may catch the disease too!
>God only knows
5. Your child often comes home late at night and when you ask where they’ve been, they savagely beat you

While this may be a trait commonly seen in heavy drinkers, there are a number of other factors you need to consider.  Your child may be male and you may be a woman, in which case his father has raised him damn well and you should remember your damn place.  Your child may be female and you may be male, in which case your child probably just spends too much time on Tumblr and you know that if you hit her back you’ll have child protective services and SJWs all over you, you dirty CIS male-privileged scum.  Or perhaps you and your child are the same sex, in which case your child is just resorting to drastic measures to tell you you’re out of shape and need to hit the gym.  Hell, maybe you’re the one who needs help here…

6. Your child has openly admitted to you that have a drinking problem and need help

Keep calm, there is absolutely no need to panic nor take any action if your child has done this.  It's probably just the alcohol talking.

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  1. is this actually an article about whether or not foals can be categorized as alcohols (they could be what do I know I'm not a scientist) or is that supposed to say "alcoholic"?

  2. 7. Your child tries to write an article about possible signs of alcoholism but calls them alcohols instead.

    1. 8. Your child tries to make fun of a societal illness in a hamfisted but nonetheless amusing dissertation.

  3. This is good. I'm going to use this even though he's only still just a meth addict, it's a slippery slope ya know.

    1. On a plus note he's no-longer suffering from ADHD now is he? ^^