My Little Soviet: Why Trixie Lulamoon is a Commie

An artists depiction of Trixie behind the scenes
An elite panel of scholars and communist academics unanimously agree that the blue magic pony Trixie Lulamoon, the favorite pony of Sethisto, is in fact very, very red. 

Many experts from an elite political forum pieced together various tidbits of information confirming that Trixie Lulamoon is a possible Communist sympathizer and possible ex-soviet spy.  These accusations still remain theory in practice though, as these researcher have yet to formally publish their results in a scholarly journal. The data collected is still very convincing, despite its lack of canonical validity.

The researchers used many extremely complex algorithms and standard logic to deduce Trixie's political standing.  They consulted an expert in Communism about whether Trixie's dialog constitutes as Communist propaganda and used a computer to calculate her communist potential. 

They noticed how the symbols implanted on Trixie's buttocks look uncannily similar to the cultist emblems used by many anti-Americans and Soviets.  After being tested, this first bit of data shows that Trixie "wears the symbols like a hooker wears a tattoo. Shes a dirty commie," as stated by one of the researchers.  

Image from the research document
The researchers told us how the final battle in Boast Busters contains a clear metaphor proving Trixies Pro-Soviet stance.  They stated that the Ursa Minor alludes to the Red Bear, a common symbol for the Soviet Union during the Cold War.  When Twilight removes Ursa Minor, and systematically defeats Trixie, it is really Twilight removing communism and Soviet dissenters from the free land of Ponyville, thus saving the day, and and bringing freedom and democracy to her friends.

The researchers also used a special computer program to calculate Trixie's final standing.  They first entered Trixies color code, 70B0E0, into the computer.  Then, they used a complex scientific algorithm to modulate her color with the color Red, which is the color of communism.  The final code out of the machine was CCCP10, with CCCP being the letters for the Soviet Union, and 10 being the year of her first appearance.  According to the researchers, this confirms that Trixie is, in fact, a communist.

One of the researchers
There is also wild speculation that Trixie's number one fan, Sethisto, the ruler of the media empire known as Equestria Daily, is also a communist.  When asked about his stance on communism, Seth declined to comment.  This can only lead to an assumption that Seth is really a secret communist agent and hates everything American.

Despite living in America, it could be assumed that Seth is a Soviet agent of communism.  His Equestria Daily site is staunchly strict about its media content.  In fact, his policies are not unlike those of other pro-communist media sources, such as China Daily and EverFreeNetwork.  Until we can get a confirmation, we can only assume that Seth, the commie pony loving media mogul, is not unlike other Stalinist media dictators like Fidel Castro and Final Draft.  

You can find an excerpt of the research at

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