Magical Weekend of Gay Bathhouse Fun

This past weekend marked the third stress test for the Legends of Equestria servers. Horsefuckers and bronies alike from all over the world were able to log on for three days and finally live out their homosexual fantasies with Braeburn who was played by themselves on a different client. Many horsefuckers were able to meet their edgy board-brethren have have all sorts of happy fun times.

Of course, we all started out a little bit hesitant of the game. I mean, what self-respecting power-level-hiding /mlp/ user wouldn't? At first it looks like a glorified SecondLife. Honestly, it is a glorified SecondLife. But there's something about mulling around Equestria with a good group of friends that makes the experience something to remember.

                                   Some horsefuckers (as denoted by rain-cloud hats usually) preparing for a mass suicide with a dance of death.

A group of Anons from /mlp/ spent the good part of yesterday (January 26th, 2014) mulling around and causing general unrest among the population of the servers.  In the above picture, the group is preparing to do a synchronized suicide, but had to prepare with a dance of death. This video ( ) provides full coverage of the deaths.

Though fun was had, the entire day wasn't all happy sunshine and rainbows. /mlp/'s darker side also reared its head, as several dark rituals in the Evershade (lel, copyrights) Forest were held to summon our demon overlords.

As can be seen, a clone was raised from the pits of hell as its original hosts burns in the sacrificial fire bowl. Several more clones were also created through much chanting and circle clopping jerking.
Another of the clones that appeared at the sacrificing circle.

Just as the ritual was supposedly coming to a close, our lord and savior Shrek appeared to us and blessed us with his presence. The smell of garlic and anal-odor was almost orgasmic.

Our lord and savior, Shrek.
Even then, there was a surprise guest amongst the /mlp/ crowd in the "P-Server".
Muh jerb...
Even the general brony population was having its own brand of fun while playing the game. Some were having more "fun" than others, though.

So what can be said about this game? Will it turn out to not be a big disappointment like a lot of us expected? Is it just the way of the horsefucker to take something and make it grand? Whatever it was, it can be said that this past weekend was something unexpectedly magical, and I think it sets the bar pretty high considering it's still in its pre-alpha phases. 

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  1. Some foggot stole muh OC! The least they could do is put an [M] over his head. Since he's a trap and all.