Legends of Equestria Open Weekend - let the games begin

Legends of Equestria will be hosting another "Open Server Weekend" this week, showing off the latest updates to the ongoing game project. According to Blue Ink, one of the LoE staffers, this version has fixed many of the bugs found in the previous open-server weekend, as well as opening new areas to explore.
The game will become available for download and installation on the 23rd, and the servers will open up on the 24th shortly after midnight EST.

The previous open-server weekend in July of 2013, proved to be both entertaining and frustrating for many users, as players attempted to figure out game controls as well as navigate the map in search of activities.
With very few quests available, being a non-complete release, many users found other ways to entertain themselves...
...like throwing a rave in Sugar Cube Corner...
This is where we sacrifice virgins to the Do or Deer Project
...or getting lost in exploring the Everfree forest...
Technically a "pony" centipede
...or reenacting the human centipede...
The plot of this game.
...or just enjoying the scenery.
"What are we going to do on the bed?" POMF
Many enjoyed the "role play" experience, however the test release was not without it's flaws. One of the most notable being the "Earth Pony Trapped in Tartarus" glitch. If a player chose an earth pony character, they would be without the ability to fly or teleport. And if that character fell off the bridge of Tartarus into the fiery bowels of pony-hell, they would be, in fact stuck there unless pony-jesus a mod came to the rescue to respawn them elsewhere. Blue Ink mentions this is one of the glitches that has been fixed as a result of the test. 

It is somewhat poetic however, to think that only mud-ponies would be trapped in the un-ending hellfire of the underworld. 

Among the other announcements, LoE is also accepting applications to be part of the team. Who knows what we'll see this weekend; maybe another roving gang of zebras black ponies out to terrorize canterlot.

The game will be available for download here: http://www.legendsofequestria.com/downloads

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  2. Everfree Forest's closed due to AIDS

  3. >tfw writer/quest designer for LoE

    >tfw everyone's complaining about lack of quests and the quests that are there are too simplistic and short

    >tfw long, epic quest I wrote isn't in the game yet


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