Is My Little Pony taking the minds of our youths today? Experts agree, "Yes."

"I cry myself to sleep every night, knowing she's not real," local horsefucker, Anon, confesses.

Studies show that approimately 92.7% of the horsefucking population are unable to cope with the fact that their imaginary pastel-coloured pony waifu is not real. Those who actually have money could buy a Dakimakura pillow to hug (and most likely do other questionable things to) at night, but the delusion is clear for all, no matter how soaked those downy waifus become from tears.

This epidemic hits close to home for us at Horse News, as there seems to be an endless stream of daily threads on /mlp/ for several Anons' respective waifus, most notably the Nightly Twilight threads, or the self-fulfilling, fictitious Anon in Equestria threads (despite these being some guilty pleasures of mine (tell anyone and I'll send Colt Cuddler thread to your house for some Gay Bathhouse fun)).

"But, perhaps there's nothing else we can do about it other than circlejerking," Anon added, his posture straightening with his sudden, optimistic attitude. "A-at least there's Season 5 to look forward to."

Anon remains to this day as one of the few who embrace the endless ride of marshmallow pone, as opposed to those who wish to get off. To them, perhaps there's nothing left in life but >tfw.

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  1. Sweetie Belle best pony, fuck you all

  2. Tch! Kids. Just do what I used to do, paint a portrait of your waifu, cut out the mouth and fuck it.

  3. When you refered to Colt Cuddler thread, were you perhaps referencing that time one of our anons stalked a drawfag to their appartment with a gun?