Anons Everywhere Agree: "9/10 - It's Shit."

Now that the fourth season of the show is nearing its halfway point, we can now properly assess the public’s general opinion on it compared to the other three seasons. With a small survey, we were able to draw the opinions of several Anons.

The general consensus of most Anons seems to be that season 4 is at least better than season 3, which is a given considering how low most people rank season 3 (typically on the level of shit). But what is season 4 lacking that seasons 1 and 2 had that gave us all those first feelings of feeling like shit for liking a little girls show?

For the most part Anons talk of a loss of magic (not the literal kind) and a disconnect from the original intended purpose of the cartoon – being a well written show for little girls. As the show drifts more away from being written solely for little girls, the grown men are slowly finding they can’t enjoy it as much as they used to.

Many Anons are calling bullshit and fan pandering, with many of the jokes being references to the fandom itself and to currently popular maymays, what with the grumpy-cat cutie marked pony in “Rarity does Manehattan,” and Applebloom’s singing of Twilightlicious/Appleicious in “Pinkie Apple Pie.”

“The reason this show was so appealing was because it didn't try to appeal to the narcissistic/ironic nature of people. It didn't try to use cultural memes to appeal to your sense of belonging. It did so by just being a cute, simple, and supremely positive show trying to teach kid's good lessons. Maybe that's why S4 feels so soulless, it's more self-aware and jaded. Yea, the episodes are fun and some of the songs are ok but it still doesn't feel like S1/S2 (or even S3).” -Anonymous

But many also have accepted the fact that the magic has sort of run dry from the show for them. “I still think Season 1 is better, just because it captures the magic of first watching it an no season afterward can replicate that feeling.” One Anon writes. So if the season is missing that magic that made the first couple of seasons so great, what does it have going that is still managing to make it rank high on many Anon’s lists?

The increase in animation quality and more adventurous episodes, as well as some more characterization and world building seem to be big points adding to the overall enjoyment for a lot of Anons. They’ve also tried to step up their humor for better or for worse. Also, let’s not forget the increase in ass shots this season as well.

So through rose colored glasses and virgin eyes alike, season 4 is so far being regarded as a good season. Could it be because of its following of the shitstorm that was Season 3? Could it be that Anons are trying their best to enjoy their favorite show about cute horses doing cute things again? Maybe it’s the generation of more content meant for “personal enjoyment.” Whatever it is, Anons agree that while not absolute shit, but also not the best thing to come from the show, season 4 is at least a step in the right direction as far as character development and plot goes.

Comments (2)

  1. Well said, anon. Nonetheless, I don't think it's all that bad. I'm still able to enjoy it even if the novelty factor has long since died down.

  2. I like it. I don't know why. Maybe that's for the best? Eh.