First MLP CCG Expansion announced: Canterlot Nights

This one's for all you fa/tg/uys; Enterplay has announced an expansion to the Competitive Card Game released later last year on their Facebook page. The new sets will come in booster packs, and will center on glorious Sunbutt and Moonbutt as main ponies for decks to be based around >not using Rarara deck every time.  With a host of new features and cards to play around with alongside new theme decks, there's little reason to not dive into this if you already haven't.

A word of direction - I can't usually find the CCG's in my local Walmart or Target, but the comic store where I go to get my monthly/bi-weekly dosage carries a ton of the cards.

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  1. >playing card games

    can't touch my euphoria

    1. >not enjoying card games with your bros
      What are you some kind of introverted faggot?

  2. I wouldn't mind giving this a shot.