After 2017, BronyCAN to close its doors for good.

BronyCAN recently announced over Twitter that they shall be shutting down. Like BUCK, another convention bites the dust. More below the break, and press [F] to pay respects.

You can read the full article here, or down below.

Hello to all our attendees, past and present, and to those who follow our antics for a giggle. For
those who don’t know us, we are the chairmen of BronyCAN for 2017. We’re working away as
usual to bring you all another great show for this year, but we have to interrupt that for a
moment for a sad announcement.

The board of Alicorp - the group that owns and finances the convention - has decided that
BronyCAN 2017 will be our final year. Why has this decision been made? If you’ve been
involved in the brony fandom for any length of time you can probably guess, but we’re an honest
bunch, so let’s be plain about it.

The brony fandom, this wild silly strangeness we all found ourselves swept up in, is shrinking.
We’re neither shocked nor scared by this; it’s inevitable for any fandom of its type that the
popularity will peak and then slide back to some extent. It isn’t a death, just a maturation, and
I’m sure many of us will be around here for a long time yet. Unfortunately, the first conventions
to feel the pinch in NA are going to be those north of the 49th parallel. Canada’s population is
much smaller than America’s, and frankly it’s harder to get folks to come north across the border
than to go south. BronyCAN’s attendance looks like it will reach a level after this year’s
convention that will no longer be financially viable.

There are, of course, ways we could try to counter this, but if we were to push prices higher, or
change the focus of our convention, then we feel that the convention just wouldn’t be BronyCAN
any more. We’re here to be goofy and fun, not exclusive and pricey. There’s a definite feel to
our little event, and we don’t want to ruin that. Better to end things with dignity, eh?

BronyCAN has had a very good run. We were the first Canadian brony convention back in 2013,
and we were the only northern convention to make it to two years, let alone the five we
managed. We’ve had dozens of guests, thousands of attendees and tons of fun. You were there
when the changelings invaded, when we doused Nicole Oliver in ice water, when Vincent Tong
and Peter New got their character dakimakuras, when we auctioned off an actor’s toes for
charity, and much more than that. I hope very much that you all had a great and daft time with

On behalf of the crew, we’d like to extend very heartfelt gratitude to all of our volunteer staff,
both past and present. Without your efforts, the convention would not have existed at all to bring
joy to others. Thank you also to our sister convention, Vancoufur, as well as RAIN, Everfree
Northwest and CANterlot for their contributions.

And for those concerned, allow us to be especially clear on 2017: BronyCAN 2017 is not in
danger. ​The convention this year will happen as planned. In fact, we’re shaping up to send the
event off with a bang! We’ve just announced more guests and more musicians, and we’ll attach
the details of those below. If you want to come and celebrate five years of Canadian pony
fandom in the city where the show is made, head along to our website and register today. Hotel
rooms are running out fast, so don’t forget to book yours as soon as possible. Hopefully we’ll
see you there for our finale!

Be excellent to each other.

Thomas Tom3p0 Givlin
Chair, BronyCAN 2017
Vice Chair and Grumpy Git, BronyCAN 2017

Comments (29)

  1. The ride never ends, Anon.

  2. Not surprising. Things peaked years ago and shifted into the contraction fandom phase. Pony specific cons will be around awhile, but they'll be smaller in number and scope (on average). BronyCon is including non-pony programming now so let's see where that takes them. It wouldn't be shocking if BABS included non-pony stuff as well. I would be surprised if Nightmare Nights added any to their roster though.

    1. nightmare nights is the last bastion of ponycons, and I am ok with that

    2. We choose to remain 100% pony.

    3. I think one year I went Nightmare Nights had no programming that fit my interests, and I am ok with that

    4. How is it the last bastion of pony cons? Also, Bronycon is huge, they've only added a little non pony on, so it won't affect it and it's too huge to die SOON.

      HN Guys, one of you might want to look into what's up with the Berlin Brony Fair, which cancelled, this year too. Only for this year, mind.

      Also BUCK were allegedly doing smaller events in the future, but there's been nothing fro them for a year.

      WTF BUCK?

    5. Well, as far as I know the massive 30% in drop is big enough to worry them. Sure, there are many other factors involved that's probably why they're doing it. Granted, it is 'false' advertising to say BronyCon when it's not 100% brony, but that's not for me to worry about.

      Remember BC is planned to go on through 2025, or so they say (I believe more or less through season 19).

  3. Now if only cons run by assholes like BolttheSuperPony would close, he fucking deserves it spreading lies about other places in the fandom.

    1. Out of curiosity, who, what con, and what did they say?

    2. Yeah this is the 2nd time I saw someone talk about this Bolt guy, what did he actually do/say and with what cons?

  4. Good because the brony is quitting in Canada is actually getting a real jobs such as McDonald, Burger King , GameStop, or more. And also their will be and end of the bronies because the MLP 2017 movies is getting a lot hates from anti brony group. And beside their just sell all the MLP toy and donate to poor people in the worldwide, and that good responsible adult is quitting a brony.

    By the way #marchagainstbronies this time. The end of bronies

  5. Ouch! The grammar hurt my brain! I've read this comment 4 times and I still do not understand the point that is trying to be made.....

  6. The fandom is now officially on life support. I'm not trying to be a troll here, but the facts are the facts. Has anyone noticed that most of the chat threads in EQD seem more and more like bots? If you question the current status of the fandom even in the slightest you either get blocked or banned.

    It's funny too because you have "Bronys" out there who are saying that the MLP movie is going to revitalize the fandom. So wait, these guys would post youtube vids about how the fandom isn't dying and how it's stronger than ever, go from that... to holding out hope that the new movie is going to save the fandom?

    I think the thing is this, these very same people who came into this fandom are slowly coming to grips with reality that it was no longer a fandom and is now just another blown out fad that everyone got sucked into. Anyone remember Nowaking or Ellie Monty? Or what mlp related projects they were in the past several years?

    I'm not saying that I hate the show or that I'm glad that the fandom is dying off (even though it is) the point that l'm trying to make is that you shouldn't get overly attached to the point where it starts running your life.

    1. >shouldn't get overly attached to the point where it starts running your life.

      Good advice for life concerning anything.

    2. Also Crash Bandicoot is making a comeback.

    3. The fandom has probably been this way ever since Season 2 ended. I've noticed that once the Canterlot Wedding happened the show became mainstream and exploded in both population and the 'drive' that kept it running. It's only the momentum it had lasted for so long until it's slowed to what we have today.

      I don't know what it is, maybe I do, but a lot of bronies tend to have this sort of arrogant outlook to which they think they know what is what rather than go with the flow and see how things are really done. I think those people are still going to be in denial about it but as long as it or something else takes their interest they'll keep rolling along that way.

      Granted, I tend to not touch EqD but once every two years given my half-arsed calculations.

    4. I just find it assiniying (sorry if my spelling's off) that this fandom used to be all about love and tolerance has just turned into just another community of two-faced back-stabbers and people who simply try to use the show as a stepping stone to get themselves some internet fame.

      That's the real reason the fandom is dying, it's not because of the changes in the show it's because of how people treat oneanother in this fandom. The overall audience (mostly young girls) is doing fine but the "Brony" fandom is really just destroying itself from within.

      Again I'm not trying to be a troll here or trying to sound pessimistic, but just trying to lay out the facts.

    5. I don't think the fandom was ever built on love and tolerance, if it were the big sites from day 1 would of never been about spotlighting people or trying to be the next .

      Oh, I agree, the problem is that what you're saying has been a problem since 2011. I've known about it for however long and I've seen it first hand happen in 2012 to which certain parts of the fandom (namely those social media clones the fandom has) were largely ignored because everyone knew it was a mad house. Not many knew that a lot of groups tended to operate together when it was ill advised, which only accelerated things.

    6. Should avoid using those signs, the text parsed should of been "The next CEO of a company that can run it successfully by force and charisma."

    7. the love and tolerance thing is propoganda

    8. @haste

      At its roots, I believe it was used ironically, like "I'm gonna love and tolerate the shit out of him".

  7. It will end in 2019, anon.

  8. No! I love BronyCAN! I was going to have to miss it this year because I applied to volunteer at a kid's camp, but I didn't get in, so I guess I'm free for BronyCAN this year, and now that I know it's the last year I'm even more glad I get to go. To be honest, if it wasn't within driving distance I wouldn't be attending any Brony Con and I'm really fortunate to have one close enough. I'm not dedicated enough to get on a plane or travel south of the border, so I guess this will be my last Pony con...

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  11. Retards have been screaming that the fandom's dead for the better part of a decade. I'm almost surprised they're still at it.

    It's almost like their baseline status for an "alive" fandom is solely the most fervently active, organized, creative, and productive fandom in modern history.

  12. regret. It is associated with childhood. bloxorz

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