The 4chan Winter Cup Kicks Off with a little MAS

Today we saw the kick off of the 4cc's (4th?) Elite Winter Cup! The horsefuckers of /mlp/ tussled with the weebs of /jp/ in what was consider by many to be the most interesting game of the cup.


At least we got a bangin' promo out of the lad's from DawnSomewhere.

Alright, not the most exciting match, but it's only day one. A humble start on the road to an /mlp/ vs. [s4s] final, and to the real question....

WHERE WILL YOU BE WHEN /mlp/ TAKES THE WINTER CUP (again)!? Will /mlp/'s third star send the entire 4cc into meltdown? Will it finally become one with the salt and crumble away? "Find out tonight, today!tm".

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