2016 /mlp/ Award Winners - Goodbye 2016!

In keeping with the annual tradition, /mlp/ has voted for and selected the winners of this year's /mlp/ awards, bringing 2016 to a close.

The winners for this year are:

>1) Best Thread of the Year
CNS Anon Returns / 4chan Cup Victory thread

>2) Coolest Staffmember of the Year
Tabitha St. Germain

>3) Best Butthurt of the Year
The Royal Baby, and the 4chan Cup Tears

>4) Best Shitstorm of the Year
Big Jim Miller's Twitter Meltdown

>5) Single Best image of the Year
Rainbow Dash and the in-show Dakimakura

>6) Best Fanmade Video of the Year
The Moon Rises (with honorable mentions to DWK's Totally Legit Recaps)

>7) Namefag of the Year
Santa Pone (with honorable mentions to Pencils and Soundguy)

>8) Worst Fan in the Fandom of the Year

>9) Best Takedown of the year (a category for the likes of Dark Skyes)
The ILoveKP Slave Revolt

>10) Worst thread starter
"I haven't watched the show in years, Spoonfeed me!"

>11) What will be missed Most from 2016
The Old Changeling Designs

>12) Greatest accomplishment

Congratulations to all the Winners
Also we would like to take a moment to remember some of the artists and influential people that 2016 took from us
In Music:
David Bowie
George Michael - WHAM
Leonard Cohen
Merle Haggard
John Berry - Beastie Boys 
Nick Menza - Megadeth
Maurice White - Earth Wind and Fire
Paul Kantner - Jefferson Airplane
Glenn Frey - The Eagles
George Martin - Beatles
Phife Dawg - A Tribe Called Quest
Pete Burns - Dead or Alive
Greg Lake - Emerson Lake and Palmer
Kieth Emerson - Emerson Lake and Palmer 
Frank Sinatra Jr.
Lonnie Mack
Ralph Stanley

In Acting:
Carrie Fisher
Debbie Reynolds
Alan Rickman
Gene Wilder
Anton Yelchin
Doris Roberts
Florence Henderson
Ron Glass
Robert Vaughn
Abe Vigoda
Dan Haggerty - Grizzly Adams 
Alexis Arquette
Alan Young - Mr. Ed
Kenny Baker - R2D2
George Kennedy - Cool Hand Luke
Peter Vaughan - Game of Thrones
Van Williams - The Green Hornet
Joseph Mascolo - Days of Our Lives
Barbara Tarbuck - General Hospital
Alan Thicke - Growing Pains
Ricky Harris - Heat
Mihaly Meszaros - ALF
William Christopher - MASH
Zsa Zsa Gabor

In Sports:
Muhammad Ali
Arnold Palmer
Gordie Howe
Kimbo Slice
Dave Mirra
Jose Fernandez - Marlins Pitcher
Sammy Lee - US Gold Medalist

Science / Literature:
Harper Lee - To Kill a Mockingbird Author
Elie Wiesel
Richard Adams - Watership Down Author
Dr. Henry Heimlich - Inventor of the Heimlich maneuver
Vera Rubin - Researcher, Dark Matter

Peng Chang-kuei - Inventor of General Tso's Chicken
Jim Delligatti - Inventor of the Big Mac
Robert Hulseman - Inventor of the Red Solo Cup

Politics / Government:
John Glenn
Fidel Castro
Janet Reno
Rob Ford
Nancy Reagan
Antonin Scalia

May they rest in peace

Comments (38)

  1. Bonus Drama!
    Epic Santa Pone vs. Pencils battle that ultimately ended in "meh, I'm tired".

  2. You linked to this thread: http://boards.4chan.org/mlp/thread/29161583 It should link to an archive after the thread 404s.

  3. >Tabitha as coolest staff member
    >the only person working on this whole trainwreck of a show with tangible talent
    >tfw fucking /mlp/ knows the deal better over the Tarafags at EqD

    1. 'Member when Tabitha ripped Silver Eagle a new ass hole on Twitter? Yeah, she best staff member.

  4. If I google "Santa Pone", I get hardly any hits, but if I search for Pencils I get millions of hits. Seventh award if obviously going to the wrong person.

  5. Funny how Horse News hasn't covered the drama going on at Equestria Daily the past few days. Then again we all know Capper sucks Seth's dick.

    1. The alleged drama must so unworthy that you couldn't even spend a few more extra words mentioning it. So you're right, it's nothing worth covering.

    2. They're also ignoring Purple Tranny's "I wasn't getting enough from the SeaBronies patreon so I made a second patreon to support my social justice blogging so I could pay Sea Bronies' bills" because they suck Seth's and the tranny's megadong.

    3. what drama are you referring to?

      I barely ever visit EQD

  6. H
    P U R P L E T R A N N Y !



  7. There should be a "dud of the year" as in something that was supposed to be spread like wildfire but ended up being meh. (example: Double Rainboom was supposed to be awesome but was meh, Trace-Mario was supposed to cause backlash like TracePonies but barely anybody talked about it.)

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  10. Congrats to every one of the Winners Additionally we might want to pause for a memorable minute a portion of the specialists and powerful individuals that 2016 took from us.

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