The continued saga of MistyDash/ChuckyBB

You would think that getting ousted by both DHX and Galacon would be a wake up call for any autist to stop being a bitch, and maybe, hopefully calm their shit

Well, you'd be surprised!

Actually no, welcome to the pony fandom!

When we last heard of ChuckyBB/Mistydash, he was getting his shit pushed in by both DHX and Galacon over falsely claiming to be an official DHX employee.

It turns out, Chuckybb/Mistydash has been leaving a trail of commission scamming, tracing, and stalking since then.


This story has been played 100's of times over: patrons giving a vendor money, only to find out it was a fly by night operation 

As you can see, it became a pattern, and it happened at a convention with a tough vetting process like Bronycon. 

So, when the heat was on and the general fandom was become aware o his bullshit, he decided to do the internet equivalent of faking his own death: "I'M LEAVING DEVIANTART GUYZZZ!!1!"

As a nice gesture, he asked his followers to follow a "Tamperbell"


Now, Teddy's bio says he worked for "Ocean Comics" (which does not exist) in L O N D O N (even though he lives in Canada).


Eventually, people caught on the the crappy attempt to scam more bastards and had to come out. Also, his "Girlfriend" is now in a insane asylum, possibly hanging out with Manti Te'o's college girlfriend.


Stalking Dennyvixen 

This is Denny's first hand account of being stalked by Chuckybb, now that his "girlfriend" is locked in the imaginary loony bin 

Conversation with DennyVixen. Screenshots are shared with her permission and enthusiasm. A brief summary of what was said is also included below.



Much Ado About BUCKing

For previous shit, Chuckybb was banned from BUCK's facebook page. So, it was to their surprise that Chucky posted art on the page via his second Facebook account. So, he was removed.

He tried multiple times to join the group, and BUCK said: NO, which is British for NO. 

After failed attempts, he decided that his autism deserved to be on BUCKS page. so he resorted to Porn Warfare.

After this conversation, he became so booty blasted that he deleted his twitter and deviantart.

So, to recap his entire rap sheet 


  • Whether or not his girlfriend (whom he calls Claire) is real is up for speculation, but it is widely believed and claimed by people he has spoken to that he made her up as a way to avoid punishment for his actions. He often talks about her suffering to gain sympathy.
    It should be noted that Claire is the name of another artist he is stalking (see DennyVixen section below)
  • At the time of writing (September 2016) he claims she has suddenly been put in an asylum due to cyberbullying, but has not properly specified any details about it. No evidence of any cyberbullying has been seen, nor offered by him - he often makes claims he is being bullied immediately after he gets caught doing something stupid

Direct testimonies:

  • He harassed AnticularPony and ZodiacNicola at BUCK 2016, both in person and via text message
  • He threatened to kill StormblazePegasus more than once
  • He was going around asking different vendors at BUCK if he could sell commissions at their table, despite him being banned from both vending and the vendor area itself
  • He has been bragging (at Bronycon in particular) about the Britannia porn he drew against the wishes of BUCK Events and despite threats of legal action against him regarding it (to which he responded very negatively)

Things he was witnessed doing by BUCK staff at BUCK (or after the fact and relating to):

  • He drew porn of BUCK’s mascot, Britannia, and a pony that looked almost exactly like the PR manager’s OC, and claimed the higher staff commissioned it from him at the convention. Plenty of people saw this image and saw him claiming this online
  • When the porn was removed from Derpibooru pending multiple BUCK copyright claims, he re-uploaded it without Britannia’s cutie mark in an attempt to circumvent the claims. This was also taken down
  • After BUCK’s PR manager contacted him on Facebook to tell him to remove the art for good, he pretended he had no idea it existed, then blamed his girlfriend for drawing it. Also stated he has no access to the Derpibooru account (MistEDash) that uploaded it to the site
  • He was banned from the vendor area and from vending in general at BUCK 2016, and was aware of this fact. He spent most of Saturday in the vendor area regardless, trying to convince other vendors to let him sell his art on their tables
  • When he was told to leave by staff, he spent at least part of Sunday trying to sell his art out of his car trunk in the parking lot of the venue
  • He was overheard lying to every single person he spoke to at the convention, about his deals with Hasbro, his girlfriend, the vendor area and his status as a vendor, etc.


  • He has a clear history of taking cash-only commissions at conventions with no intention of honouring them
  • He brags to people that he got around Galacon banning him because “the staff don’t know what (he looks) like”

  • He broke BUCK rules to try to sell his art on other people's’ tables. He was well aware of these rules and was informed of them well in advance, when he applied to vend at BUCK 2016
  • He tried to sell his art out of his car boot in the parking lot of BUCK after he was told off for the previous point
  • He drew porn of BUCK’s mascot and a pony that looked disturbingly like a staff member’s OC immediately after the convention, and claimed a member of higher staff organization commissioned it from him at the convention (it should be noted that by admitting this he is admitting to breaking BUCK’s rules against him selling anything at the con)
  • He re-uploaded the porn after it was taken down by BUCK filing claims against it, with the mascot’s cutie mark removed and angry text in the description
  • He was confronted on Facebook by the PR team after the second art was taken down, pretended not to know about the porn’s existence and claimed his girlfriend did it
  • He claimed he had no access to the Derpibooru account under his name, and that only his girlfriend could upload from it
  • He told ZodiacNicola and AnticularPony at BUCK that he was a vendor
  • He told ZodiacNicola and AnticularPony at BUCK that he was the only one with a license from Hasbro to sell MLP merchandise
  • He went behind their table where their cash box was without permission, and after being told multiple times not to
  • He filed a false harassment claim against ZodiacNicola and AnticularPony after BUCKcon, claiming they bullied him at the event. In actuality, they got angry at him for lying and asked him to stop
  • He invented a fake girlfriend, with whom he claims to share all of his social media accounts. He also claims he taught her how to draw, which is why she has his exact art style. It should be noted that he has told people at conventions otherwise.
  • He claims his fake girlfriend is too shy to visit conventions, so he goes in her place
  • He claims that all of MistyDash’s online actions are done by the fake girlfriend
  • He has been taking commissions despite already owing hundreds of pounds’ worth already. He has a second Artist Beware out for him under MistyDash, as well as the one out for ChuckyBB. MistyDash Artist Beware
  • He is reported to also owe several pony plushie commissions from over 2 years ago
  • He bragged to people at Bronycon about drawing porn of BUCK’s mascot
  • He then told BUCK staff AT Bronycon that his girlfriend was sorry for drawing the porn
  • He threatened to repost the porn art after he was removed from the BUCK Facebook community
  • He still claims to work for DHX
  • He claims he has Hasbro’s endorsement and that they eventually want him to work for them
  • He claims he is the only person who has a license from Hasbro to sell pony merchandise
  • He has made several poorly-disguised threats towards BUCK staff, including writing DeviantArt journals posing as his fake girlfriend and claiming he was being bullied, using all kinds of colourful language
  • He threatened to “assassinate and maim” StormblazePegasus, shortly before sending multiple threats to her posing as different “personas”. This continued for quite a while before he faked an apology once Stormblaze started telling other people, offering her free art in exchange for her silence
  • He made a horrible post about her on his social media with more threats, shortly before deleting them when people began calling him out for them

Heres the kicker to all of this: HE IS STILL VENDING! 
UK ponycon will be this weekend, and guess who is on the vending list

Well, shit. 

Comments (63)

  1. Just. Boot him into orbit, please.

    1. He can pay for it himself with all that stolen money

    2. He was allegedly arrested at UK Ponycon '16 after I called it a weekend and went home. I have no proof myself but I'm sure something regarding this will come up soon enough.

    3. Agreed Moon. The guy has screwed way too many people around. I'm honestly clueless why people still let him attend conventions. He's clearly bat shit insane.

    4. Hmm diaper pon I doubt he has screwed everyone around Ooh wait your talking about me. HAHA lol erm Justin Baker was paid back so I don't understand why he is here ranting about screwing people over, same as you Jack Cider Barrel! you got paid back as well so don't start pulling the heart strings on these gullible people! they believe anything you tell them. AAAAHH CHUCKYBB STOLE MILLIONS OF BIT THINGS let the rage continue. ooh and could you send Ruby over to my skype, I have some answers for her questions

  2. Seriously, this is like reading the Daily Mail - and I don't mean that as any kind of compliment. All hearsay and 'it is said that....'. I've never dealt personally with this person before, but I have attended some of the events you've mentioned, and not seen anything amiss there. It's like you are trying to give someone a bad name here.

    1. >I didn't see anything amiss, so you're full of shit

    2. Maybe you should commission him and find out for yourself.

    3. We don't need to give him a bad name. He had one already.

    4. Chucky, we know it's you on anon. HN might be right about you being autistic and probably spergy. Do you get this anally bumbed about yourself that you go onto some joke site anonymously into fooling someone out there gives even a small speck of shit about you?

      You and that MikeDawson fuck over on tumblr would get along pretty well. Given how you're both autistic for being angry at fuck all.

    5. Actually, Anonymous, it isn't Chucky here. I'm someone who's just sick of what I've seen on this 'news' site and decided to comment.

      For a joke site,you sure seem hellbent on getting all OMGSERIOUSSS about someone who draws My Little Ponies. LOL. Blokes who get all worked up over little plastic toy horses probably do have trouble separating truth from reality.

    6. Sorry, my bad, I meant shit from reality. Haha.

    7. Hey at 1:09 you got such a sore anus from all the butthurt you have you could you know, not visit here. Personally I like to know when people in the fandom are pulling bullshit and trying to take advantage of others.

    8. Hey, it's a Chelshit article; you're lucky most of the words are spelled right. Dude loves mocking retards cuz he is one.

    9. Sorry mate but I am not anonymous apart from the comment at the bottom and a few in the chat. I get it in the butt why :P XD aaah you see, learn to understand that this is all a joke site, and people believe it, wow your all so gullible. you believe anything. Yo guys, horse news is jumping off a cliff, lets do the same. You see the only commissioner I have ever had that i have had a problem with is Darvidd12 or whatever that number is at the end, you see when the client is rude to you. you don't really wanna work with him anymore. everyone else I have on my list and working on as we speak. if darvidd will act his age and be nice! I will put him back on my list. I have a bad name yaayee. I'm glad because Chucky is that little doll that kills everyone in the film so I didn't pick it to have a good name :P

  3. Found some more gold for you.
    - Here's him calling everyone who has accused him of theft "messed up in the head", as well as claiming he has not drawn ponies in two years:
    - It has now come to light that he has been dodging Paypal taxes for god knows how long, by demanding people pay him via Friends & Family. This is enough to get his Paypal flagged and possibly shut down, mind you.
    - He owes a sum well into the thousands in plushies, fursuits, and art that he never did, possibly more. Paypal transaction screenshots are popping up to prove this.
    - On his FurAffinity page he now proudly announces that he doesn't ever do refunds.
    - He is also sending threatening and nasty notes on FurAffinity to people he owes art to, saying they will never get their shit because they apparently trash-talked his imaginary girlfriend.

    Be right back, making popcorn. Keep digging, man 8^)

    1. Don't forget that time he called someone at a con a nigger.

    2. you're thinking of purple tranny my friend

  4. He also tried to scam his followers with a fundraiser:

    You can read his sob journal here:

    His gofund me:

    Screencap just in case he deletes it:

  5. I actually like this guys style a lot. I just wish he wasn't such a lunatic.

    1. Have you seen the way he draws eyes? They're on opposite sides of the heads, like fucking ears.

    2. dam son thats not very nice! now you messed up!. I can see why your anonymous, hmm don't like people to know who you are? you ever draw art. if you do its rubbish, see I can do it too! I don't know if you draw art but I can see you don't because thats not really constructive criticism

    3. Go away, Chucky <3

  6. The 2014 UK Ponycon after he was outed as not working for DHX, just after that happened, he was vending there as MistyDash...
    Carrying his laptop around to other vendor tables when he didn't get enough attention, and showing us animation elements "he made".

    I used to talk to him on Skype, and he even used to webcam chat with me freely... And he would openly admit he lied about things but didn't know how to go back once it was "too far".
    After a while I started keeping a txt file of his various usernames, names he claimed he had, etc. because he's taken money from people I care about. I don't stalk people, but I do keep tabs on folk who look to prey on a community.

    1. I forgot the biggest chuckle about that ponycon was that he won "best stall", and was in their Facebook album with his rosette and certificate. Briefly.
      You won't find it now.

  7. Misty Dash/ChuckyBB is one of the biggest liers i have ever known, rest assured I have passed on my "Commission for a fursuit" forward, you are more then welcome you use my name as well.

  8. MistyDash may be in the running for the next purple tinker of the fandom...

    1. At least Purple Tinker occasionally does shit for charity.

    2. *skims money off of charity efforts he does solely for attention and horse fame


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  10. I met MistyDash/ChuckyBB at a con once. He called me a nigger.

    1. HAHAHA thats funny, sorry thats rude, I will shut up.

  11. It's the nutshack

  12. Wait. Why there's a NO ONE EVER dare to take legal action or police report aboot this arsehole doing? He swindling other's hard earned cash and sending a serious death threat!
    I do believe there's a section 4 (Public Order Act 1986) which said:-
    (1) A person is guilty of an offence if he -

    (a) uses towards another person threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour, or
    (b) distributes or displays to another person any writing, sign or other visible representation which is threatening, abusive or insulting,
    with intent to cause that person to believe that immediate unlawful violence will be used against him or another by any person, or to provoke the immediate use of unlawful violence by that person or another, or whereby that person is likely to believe that such violence will be used or it is likely that such violence will be provoked.

    (2) An offence under this section may be committed in a public or a private place, except that no offence is committed where the words or behaviour are used, or the writing, sign or other visible representation is distributed or displayed, by a person inside a dwelling and the other person is also inside that dwelling.

    If this arsehole guilty, he should get at least 6 month behind the bar.

    1. Yeah they would take Legal action if it was the truth, but its not so no one does

  13. There is a London, Ontario. But I am suspicious of the individual.

  14. Unconfirmed reports right now, but a lot of people are saying he was escorted by police out of UK Ponycon. Maybe the universe just got tired of dealing with his shit and let karma go wild on him.

    1. Confirmed the police were called and showed up because of him. Unconfirmed what happened to him afterwards, but halfway through the day he posted some awful fucking yiff art to his FurAffinity, so it's safe to assume he mysteriously left the vendor hall early 8^)

    2. Lol. What day was this? What time? How did you confirm this anyway? You were there?

    3. Saturday, sometime before midday. I have a few friends on staff and more friends who were there.

    4. LIES all lies, sorry to destroy your confirmed report but no, nothing happened at ponycon. calling me a liar, check your own resume pal! and Yiff art is awesome art, don't dis if you can't compete

  15. Oh look, he's back.

  16. P U R P L E T R A N N Y !













  17. Haha lol ok erm this is really old and outdated and is people actually going to believe Horse News. They are, hmmm what do you call it, a News of the World scandal. you see what they do is they write some really big article lying to everyone about there findings, abit like chinese whispers making it worse and worse until DAADAA you have a s** storm of an article which Bronies drink up in there lovely beverages. mmmmmm its the hiatus so lets go destroy some buggers life. Grow up mate, your in the real world with real life consequences. stop living in a dream world and start facing facts that you are only doing this for the storm. after it passes you will be like, hmmm i am not getting any money from this article, lets write another. Bronies are the nastiest people on this planet, sorry but have to say it. listen to yourselves and tell me thats not true!

    1. Oh hi there ChuckyBB.

    2. C'mon Chucky just stop already

    3. :P personally i don't care, and I'm just driving your thrusty blood lust minds. I will answer a few of these questions, no one will believe me but who cares. So Denny, to you. Sorry for being such a stalker!, I'm not and never apposing to be, loved your work and felt you to be an icon to amazing art sorry if thats a crime, do you think I like coming up to you saying you have awesome art? no I don't but I do it to be nice!. Second Buck! you had it coming, sorry but your driving this storm as well, made it worse for yourselves telling everyone lies about me but your messed up in the heads so I understand. third, I went to PonyCon yes, didn't get escorted out by police, thats a lie another wood to the fire that is a hoax. I don't work for DHX never have never will but these people love to talk about it and its getting me lots of publicity and more work so actually screw it. thankyou!

      Graham, the alleged PR of Buck, tut tut, private conversations to add to your file, your building up quite a thing for being a stabber in the back! best not be friends with this guy, tell you all your secrets.

      Anticular and your @@@ of a girlfriend, sorry, didn't file any problems to you. would have been nice if I could have had a slap to go with that lovely chat though XD

      Stormblaze Pegasus. never said I was going to kill you, unless it was when I was drunk then sorry about that. you are pretty annoying though and many people have told me. Bossy, always thinking your right when your wrong, expecting sales to go through the roof when you need alittle more practise and you cry everytime you see me. I like the rest of this fandom are never going to approach you and confront you about the problems. they just talk behind your back.

      You see I can stir up trouble, but I don't like it. I for one think this is ripping the fandom apart but I don't care. I am not in the fandom and haven't been for a long time and I am glad I left after the DHX scandal. I finally was free!. I see why people hate the Brony Fandom. I can actually say yes when people bring it up.

      you can read this at your leisure, I don't mind, or you can continue to read the drivel up top, its totally up to you. if you need me, I am gonna be drawing more Baby Fur because its funny and dam right adorable and have a problem with that, best not look at my FA :P XD Piece out!

    4. You did file a report against AnticularPony and Zodiac. I saw it with my own eyes. We have it on file.

      I wasn't going to comment off-anon, but I have had enough. Since this article has been posted I've seen and heard so many more horrible things about you and what you've done to other people. I'm sick of you and I'm sick of you lying, so here's something nice for you and the folks at home to enjoy! What follows are my personal words about this.

      I work for BUCK. Every single thing said about BUCK regarding you in this article is true. Everything you did at BUCK actually happened, and I know it happened, because I was there. Other people saw you doing the things you did and heard you saying the things you said. We were all there and we were all face-to-face with your garbage that entire weekend.
      We decided to make some of your conversations with us public because we felt people have a right to know just what a scumbag you really are, but hey, thanks for confirming it for everyone to see right here in the comments. Don't you dare badmouth Graham when you treated him like utter garbage for asking you to take down the porn you drew of our mascot. He is a wonderful person, and I will not have you writing complete bullshit about him "betraying" you. In order for there to have been a betrayal, there had to have been trust, and lord knows nobody with any semblance of sanity would trust you.

      It was me who tweeted to you inviting you to politely discuss your Facebook ban. And as a result, you deleted all your social media. Not ONCE did you try to contact us to talk about it, you resorted right away to threats. BUCK has done absolutely nothing bad to you. NOTHING. We were polite and respectful towards you until you drew porn of our mascot and lied about it, then tweeted threats at us.

      You did threaten to kill Stormblaze. I've seen the screenshots myself and I have them saved. You wrote on a forum for everyone to see that she was "going to get what was coming to (her)", and that it was "personal", among other things. The only thing she did to you was ban you from going to a furry meetup because you scammed several people out of fursuit commissions - I've spoken to the people you owe. One of them said you sent him a messy glued-together piece of shit made of carpet, then blocked him.

      You try and try and try to blame your mistakes on others; the fandom in general, the conventions, the people you've stolen from - but this is nobody's fault but your own. It's you. Just stop already, would you? Nobody cares you draw Babyfur shit. The reason people are angry at you is because you are a thief and a liar.
      Leave and do not come back. Make no mistake that you are not welcome here anymore.

    5. Graham was actually our chairman that year. I find this fucking hilarious as Graham is a total sweetie who wouldnt really hurt a fly but you drew porn of his oc without his permission and BUCK are the assholes?

      Get real. We gave you more chances than anyone. You used every single one of them to show your true colours, which are not particularly pleasant by the way.

      Leave my staff alone.

    6. And your points are? keep living in your horse news dream world. As I said before, I know what I done and Bull that comes out your mouth is hilarious. Im guessing your both voting for Donald Trump then, keep those people away, we don't want them destroying our perfect world. yeah best thing to do is not like write back, it makes it even more funnier for me. I am not welcome, I know that but write lies about me and I come see the commotion, then laugh as your pathetic attempt to hurt me fails and you fall into a pit of shame as your one job of trying to make me feel bad backfires. Sorry but Chances? I had no chance nor did I want any. I left the fandom ages ago and i was glad too. I'm sorry for being the jerk here but your believing your own lies and this has to stop, not for my sake but for your own your hurting yourselves more than your hurting me. I am Heartless alright, cruel and pathetic but at least I bloody say it too myself rather than calling myself Mr Perfect all the time, ooh I'm so perfect I never lied before in my life. dam I got to shut up, putting more fuel in this fire. Both you moon and candy believe anything right now, even if someone comes round and says Chucky Killed people you would believe it. Pardon but your actually fuelling your own rage here. I am Satin! what do you expect. i have horns and everything. Bad mouthing Graham as well? sorry but I told him I didn't draw that but takes everything to the next level, lie once, liar forever so i knew he wouldn't believe me, then he sends it to horse news, our lovely chat as Buck, you don't really keep it confidential do you. but I don't care anymore, the laughing is dying out, tell me more lies and I will be back :D

    7. This here is why people advocate euthanizing retarded children, so that they wouldn't grow older and become ChuckyBB.

    8. Only just realised you were responding here Tom. So I'm copy and pasting this here. :) I hope you're still receiving notifications about it.

      "I KNOW THOMAS PERSONALLY! I have been to meets with him, hung out with him, he was going to help me get to BronyCon one year. I was his FRIEND.


      How? BECAUSE HE TOLD ME HE WAS MISTYDASH! Hell, he introduced himself as MistyDASH, BEFORE I ever heard the name ChuckyBB.

      Thomas, you are a lying scumbag!

      And yeah... this is Craig. I wonder if you even remember me you asshole."

  18. Anonymous update: The Skype account long associated with both ChuckyBB and MistyDash appears to have been abandoned since the posting of this article. This information is courtesy of a neutral party on the subject.

    I don't believe in the "Let's gang up on the little guy." attitude displayed here. Whatever happened between BUCK staffers and ChuckyBB is their business, and the accusations flying in both directions aren't going to change anything. Lack of professionalism is a big problem in this fandom. If conventions have a problem with him, then straight up ban him from entering your con. If you don't want him there, don't let him be there. You shouldn't need his money, and if he doesn't need the brony fandom as he claims then a fandom convention ban shouldn't bother him.

    1. The problem is not so much the lack of professionalism but our fandom defines it as 'sleeping' with important people and overall dick sucking. It's a matter of trying to get people in the right spots that aren't personal and aren't afraid to go all Spock without fear of repercussion. Sadly friendship is magic as they say.

    2. Like you're any better? "Everyone in the fandom is to blame but me! I'm the only one doing things right!" Put a dick on it already!

  19. Shoutout to anyone who still knows who this toxic fuck is. He's got a new FA! But it's tooootally a different person tho. Not Mistyass at all.
    And he's outright asking for donations to give to charity, complete with a bit ridiculing people who take charity money under false pretenses. GOSH who could do such a thing? Be so scummy as to take charity money for themselves when they don't need it? Oh wait no. Chuckybb would do that...again :/
    So anyone still here or slightly interested in helping other people not get ripped off by this fuck or even just wanna laugh at how bad a liar he still is, spread the word!

    1. Na no one really cares much about this Chuckybb person anymore, plus your just giving him more publicity, best thing to do is go outside Horse-news, no offence to them but they are liars as well that prey on mistakes and make up stories to get publicity. its a common tactic in most newspapers to get more people to buy in to there story to get more money or in this case, send a guy/girl to the bottom of the ocean, still unsure if chucky is male or female. maybe both, really couldn't care less. Honestly, this Felstone guy seems alright but I won't trust him with money yet, but he took my request so I guess we will have to wait and see. Do you have a personal problem with Chuckybb? or are you joining in the hate train because you read what was up there?

  20. He's not the only one! Hmmmm?

  21. I don't like DennyVickson, but she did not deserve to be stalked by an autist.

    1. A fate no man should have to endure.

  22. I can't believe that I used to look at this scumbag's Deviantart profile/artwork. This guy not only needs to be arrested for his crimes of scamming, he gives autists (who usually are intelligent) a bad name.

    Considering there's a porn picture of his, I wonder if his girlfriend is just his right hand or a pony plushie...

  23. I KNOW THOMAS PERSONALLY! I have been to meets with him, hung out with him, he was going to help me get to BronyCon one year. I was his FRIEND.


    How? BECAUSE HE TOLD ME HE WAS MISTYDASH! Hell, he introduced himself as MistyDASH, BEFORE I ever heard the name ChuckyBB.

    Thomas, you are a lying scumbag!

    And yeah... this is Craig. I wonder if you even remember me you asshole.