/mlp/ Books Back Up For Sale

A number of years ago, /mlp/ got together and wrote a few books. Specifically, The Adventures of Tracy Cage and The Never Ending Ride Volumes 1-3, Equine Delicacies, and various Daring Do titles. They were gone, now they're back. Check out more after the break!

Varied in length and comprehensibility, they were collected, organized, published, and put up for sale (for nonprofit) by one Bookfag. Featuring custom cover art and a detailed author's credit section (read: a shitload of Anonymous) they were a must-have alongside 4CC scarves and jerseys for any true /mlp/ anon. However, the books were consistently moved from site to site due to a lack of desire from Amazon and the like to host such PRISTINE material.

Right now you can purchase all volumes of The Adventures of Tracy Cage novels and the Equine Delicacies cookbook (That one's in full color) right here at lulu.com.
The Daring Do collection will go live soonTM.

Bookfag had this to say on the whole project,
"The books were a fun little project that I was glad to oversee. I'm happy that people have actually bought them (before they were taken down, combined over 540 books were sold). I would like to thank rainbow man for making the original daring do books, and giving permission for us to reprint them, I would also like to thank Woot for giving us permission to use his art for the Tracy series, Rainbro-Doshie and Note~ for artfagging for the covers, /mlp/ and [s4s] for helping the books with their shitposting, and my waifu for being a cute. And my buddies Niodox and Rarifag for buying me beer and supporting my bad habit at CringeCon.
Also I'm more than open to making more books, if the board wants,"

If you just want to read the books, here's a free download link. 

*For those wondering where the money for the books goes, all proceeds will be going to the SPCA.*
Bookfag will not, and has not, made a single penny off of these.


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  1. A true god damn hero you are, bookfag.

  2. You mean I can finally complete my Daring Do collection?

    Bless you, bookfag.

  3. Does Purple Tranny make an appearance? He already made a cameo on the Cringe Corner https://twitter.com/prpltnkr/status/753404889976348672

  4. P U R P L E T R A N N Y !













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