Zap2it Derps - Reveals Episode 13-19 Titles

Well, Zap2it made a mistake and accidentally revealed the episode titles for episodes 13 to 19, but for some reason had the same synopses for all of them. This error was fixed about 15 minutes later.

I guess that confirms some of the titles in the threads before.

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  1. Hmm, redoing the same plotline for every single episode for the rest of the season. Bold move.

  2. P U R P L E T R A N N Y !













  3. Buck Ball Season sounds like a Rainbow Dash episode, and The Fault of our Cutie Marks sounds like a CMC episode, but other than these leaked episode titles look pretty good.

  4. Here's the full list of proposed S6B episodes and taglines.

    613: Stranger Than Fan Fiction

    The Mane Six visit a convention in Vanhoover to find a panel dedicated to them featuring merchandise and fans. Unfortunately, one of the fans writes made-up stories of the Mane Six that makes them feel uncomfortable.

    614: The Cart Before the Ponies

    When the Cutie Mark Crusaders enter the Ponyville Cart Race, they don't agree on how they want to build their cart, so they go their separate ways to build their own carts with their next best partners.

    615: 28 Pranks Later
    Pinkie Pie tries to break the Equestria record of the most successful pranks ever pulled, unknowing that they become too successful to where it hurts.

    616: The Times Are a Changeling
    When Starlight Glimmer befriends a Changeling, she and Fluttershy try to encourage the other ponies get along with him.

    617: Dungeons and Discords

    When Discord gets tired of doing the same activities with Fluttershy, he creates a new perilous game and invites the other Mane Five to play along, despite their refusal.

    618: Buck Ball Season

    To attract more tourists to Ponyville, Applejack decides to create a new sports team to represent Ponyville, but when Applejack starts to train ponies too hard, they begin to lose interest.

    619: The Fault in Our Cutie Marks

    Twilight and Rainbow Dash are sent by the Cutie Map to the Arlmaspi Territory to solve the conflict between the cyclopses and griffons, unknowing that the cyclopses have captured a griffon with a rare side-effect.

    620: Viva Las Pegasus

    Applejack and Fluttershy are sent by the Cutie Map to Las Pegasus to assist the movie producers into stopping the strike the actors rallied.

    621: Every Little Thing She Does

    When Starlight Glimmer invites Spike to hang out with her at the Ponyville Fall Festival, they find out they have more in common than they thought, which causes Spike to have a new crash on her; Rarity starts to get jealous when she finds out she's been replaced.

    622: Pony POV
    After getting put-down by other ponies about being a dragon, and for not being special by never earning a cutie mark, Spike brews himself a potion that would turn himself into a pony.

    623: Where the Apple Lies

    When the Cutie Mark Crusaders go to Manehattan to visit their crusader-friend Babs Seed, they get suspicious when they think Babs is hiding something from them.

    624: Top Bolt

    When Spitfire mysteriously goes missing, Rainbow Dash gets put in charge of her Wonderbolt squad until she's found. Unfortunately, Rainbow has no idea how to be a good leader.

    625: To Where and Back Again - Part 1

    When Flurry Heart gets captured by Queen Chrysalis and her Changelings, the Mane Six journey out to rescue her; meanwhile, Starlight starts to feel betrayed when Twilight doesn't let her tag along for the rescue.

    626: To Where and Back Again - Part 2

    When the Mane Six get incapacitated by the Changelings, it is up to Starlight and the friends she made while under Twilight's guidance to rescue them.