MLP: The Movie going to Cannes Film Festival?

So, Lionsgate has announced that "My Little Pony: The Movie" is going to be on their roster for the Cannes film festival. Not only's slated for the 2016 festival according to deadline.

Wait What?
The last we heard, it was being released in October of 2017.
The 2016 Cannes is 11 – 22 May 2016
That's like...this week.
Something's wrong here...

"Lionsgate has announced its 2016 Cannes Film Festival sales slate, billing it as the studio’s biggest yet, comprising eight titles."

"In addition, Lionsgate’s Cannes roster includes the Hasbro co-production My Little Pony: The Movie with voices from Emily Blunt and Kristin Chenoweth"

It's being reported in both Variety AND Deadline...
This movie might be on a screen....this month! Or more likely it's a trailer for the upcoming film. Either way, something pony related is going to Cannes. It's not very clear what a "sales slate" refers to in this instance. Guess we'll find out? Some are saying it has to do with selling the foreign rights to the film. "Lionsgate relies on pre-sales of foreign rights to finance its movies" - which indicates that they will be trying to get interest in the movie for distribution.

Hang with us while we try to figure out the extent of this together!

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  1. Holy shit if this is the actual case then kudos to whoever planned this for surprising the living fuck out of everyone.

  2. The movie will be a terrible and disaster and a box office flop.

  3. Apparently this doesent mean that it's ready it means lionsgate wants somebody else to take over making the movie

    My hype was dashed and now yours is to

  4. I hope Lionsgate ends up being the Australia distributor. I don't think I can trust either Beyond or Madman with it after their Equestria Girls treatments.

    1. what did they do to equestria girls?

  5. Seems to be more misleading than the Selena Gomez new item from a few days ago. Itll probably only be an exhibition of something to woo companies to buy into a the movie

  6. It's likely it's early concepts being shown like in Russia. Also Lionsgate is not dropping the film, they are selling it on to foreign markers for things like voice dubbing into native languages etc.

  7. "Sales slate" means they're pitching it to international distributors.

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