You can't have a Nightmare, if you never dream - So here's something to dream about

Now that DABcon BABScon is over, we'll be moving into news about other upcoming cons. I think Steve's announcement senses were tingling, so he sent us over an update about one of our other favorite annual events - Nightmare Nights Dallas.

They've got a load of info here so check it out, everything from prereg to vendor applications ect.

Nightmare Nights is back this October 21st through the 23rd! We’re excited to kick off the fourth Nightmare Nights with a bang. We have a ton of announcements, and we’ll start by bringing back a few of your favorite guests of honor!

Fresh off her first year in Texas is Jenn Blake! Baroness von Blake originally studied fashion design, before branching into working on comic characters. She was approached by IDW to work on the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic series, originally on sketch cards and eventually on the Friends Forever series. She has participated in Free Comic Book Day, been invited as a guest at multiple conventions, and collaborated on the Albert the Alien webcomic series. Alas, we cannot confirm whether Jenna Coleman will return this year, either in person or in cardboard cutout form.

Second up is Amy Keating Rogers! Amy has been a writer on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic since season 1, penning many fan favorites such as The Best Night Ever, The Last Roundup, and Pinkie Pride. She’s also helped draft some of the songs in the show, like the Smile Song. Before her work on My Little Pony, she contributed to some of the best cartoons of the 2000s, such as The Powerpuff Girls, Dexter’s Laboratory, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, and more. Today she’s working at Disney on the Star Darlings web series.

Our third guest is G. M. Berrow! The author of many of the My Little Pony chapter books, Gillian has started writing episodes of Friendship is Magic with the season five episode The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows. She’s spent many years ghostwriting for other children/young adult novels, as well as working in television production for shows like The Good Wife and Law & Order: SVU.

Last and definitely not least is M. A. Larson! Mitch has written for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic since the start of the show, and is responsible for episodes like Swarm of the Century, Sonic Rainboom, Luna Eclipsed, and that one where Twilight Sparkle got wings. He took over as story editor for the first half of season 5. He’s also written extensively for Littlest Pet Shop, and contributed to other shows such as Gravity Falls and My Gym Partner’s a Monkey. Mitch is currently finishing work on his second book, The Shadow Cadets of Pennyroyal Academy, due out this summer. You can find him anywhere there’s an empty surface for his signature, or yelling at Foal Papers on Twitter.

Join us and our guests this October 21st through the 23rd. Our badges are now available, at a discounted rate until the convention. Our Celestial and Premium sponsor badges are in high demand every year, so act fast if you want to get one. And this year our Lunar Sponsor tier is available, which includes four nights in the Presidential Suite. There is only one of these badges, and it could be yours! Badges can be purchased here:

Vendors looking to attend Nightmare Nights can fill out our vendor application. We use a jury system so everyone has a fair chance to apply, and to make sure that we have a ton of variety in the vendor hall for attendees. The deadline to submit an application is June 28th, and we’ll remind everyone in the future announcements. The vendor application can be found here:

Attendees who would like to run a panel can complete our panel application. You have until September 9 to submit, and we’ll announce which panels are accepted closer to the convention. We’re hoping for a diverse schedule of panels, so start thinking of something great to share with your fellow con-goers! The panel application can be found here:

We can’t wait to welcome back all of our guests to Nightmare Nights 2016! We’ve got a lot more announcements to come, with guests who have never been to Nightmare Nights before (and one that has never even been to a My Little Pony convention). Make sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr for more updates!

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