Scruffy vs. /mlp/ - Dusk of Shitposting

Yesterday, /mlp/ had its collective jimmies rustled when Scruffy, the mysterious mastermind behind the heavy handed "moderation" that happened shortly after Lauren Faust's visit to the board back in 2013 known as "The Scruffening", struck again.

Editor's Note: The following article is written by our intern. 

Monday night was a quiet, but stressful night, as the longtime board moderator Scruffy brought the hammer down once again - this time specifically on "role-playing" threads. In a stickied and locked thread posted to the board that same afternoon, Scruffy announced that "low-effort greentext bait" threads pollutes the board, and their existence drives away other forms of content, citing /mlp/'s rule 3 as justification for it.

>"Roleplaying is when people responding to the thread are expected to take on an active role as the character in the story."
Scruffy, May 2016

While these threads from now on are to be quickly and quietly deleted, Scruffy added an exception, stating that the "Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA)" threads are not affected by this new interpretation, and therefore will continue to be allowed. 

Naturally the reaction of the board's users, in threads both on /mlp/ and /qa/, were nothing less than we expected. 

Despite all this, the very next day the board returned to it's usual self by Tuesday afternoon. No word yet if the users who tried to slip through were simply banned, or merely ran out of GBP and lost Internet privileges.

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