Super Speedy Cider Con Says Hey! and some other sutff?

Yes we've had a bit of a quiet time the last few weeks. Life gets busy for everyone, especially when you're far from home. But, we've been working on some overdue materials. Like what you may ask? How about a story with an EDM Manager trying to claim that an artist who was hospitalized and aided by the pony community, never existed? How about information about why some VIPs aren't getting invited to cons anymore? How about the political protests in Korea and the measures that the country is taking to combat terrorism?

Oh wait, sorry, wrong news outlet.

But we DO have some information coming down the pipe. In the meantime, we're actually receiving press releases again, including one from Super Speedy Cider Con. We've copy pasted it below.

The Staff of SSCC respects all media resources, including Horse News. As this is our first submission- we'd like to say hello to all commenters and staff! As we move to improve our con more and more, we hope to become good allies *brohoof*

Not only did we have an amazing first year, we wish to thank everypony for the love and support we were shown before, during, and after the con. It was something staff, and volunteers could never forget as it was a fun weekend! With 287 Attendees, and $2,431 raised for the Michael Morones Foundation- we thank everypony. 

Those that joined via livestream during the convention, know that all livestreams are published on our YouTube Channel... due to certain connections not each livestream video is perfect quality. Once we finish editing all videos recorded, we will post those up asap! <3 

But Wait! Who... What?... Huh?
You're most likely wondering... will there be SSCC 2016? Who are those ponies?

Plans for SSCC 2016
For Super Speedy Cider Con 2016 the entire con took a two week break afterwords, as many know during the Closing Ceremonies we did announce a con concept to see what attendees would react and support the most. More info on

However, as staff gathered and thought everything over we decided to keep Super Speedy Cider Con going! Not just have SSCC 2016, but remodel it with a new mission statement: for bronies and families, by bronies.  We're kicking our convention to be FAMILY FRIENDLY! 

Thus, to represent our new mission and new outlook- our mascots have changed to.....

Warm Welcome~ A very kind and loving mare whose special talent is Hospitality and Entertainment. She puts love and joy into everything she does and cooks which is particularly appreciated by an unexpected addition that tastes emotion like no pony else...

Bramley~ With his youthful nature and fire in his heart for adventure- this energetic little colt is equipped with his vest and bandaid for any marks along the way...

Secret Ingredient~ "Si" for short, this young changeling has been adopted into the family by Warm Welcome after certain events prior helped bring them together...

We plan to reveal how this family became united on our Official FanFic Page... 
New chapter released every Monday, and rated E for Everyone. The first chapter already released talking about the changeling's outcast from his hive. 

Looking to draw the new mascots? Write about them?
As we expand our convention we invite all artists and writers to apply and join staff! Not only will we need new art for the fanfic, we'll need artists to help out production of our media. Benefits for artists is once you complete art equal of our art table price, you're entitled for your own table at the convention. More details once requested... 

If you're a writer, and would like to help the convention write short stories and/or write advertisements, etc.. please message us and let us know. If you would like to help out how you can, and you're interested in joining staff let us know!

Thank you Everypony!
We can't wait to get started! (Yes, Horse News you're invited too- ;3 Families and friends welcome. After all, the Brony Fandom's origin was 4Chan> just mind your manners little ones) 

Next year's location and dates to be announced~~ 

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  2. Petey's getting lazy!

  3. Wait what's this about some VIPs not getting invited to cons?

  4. >Makes family-friendly con
    >contacts Horse News

    They said they respect all news outlets, but I'm still not sure how I feel about this.