is Dead

At around 12 A.M. GMT yesterday, started to spit out a 410 error, noting that "The requested resource is no longer available at the server and no forwarding address is known. This condition is expected to be considered permanent."

In other words, we aren't getting it back, like heinessen.archive, who shut down just under a year ago.

Announcement below:

410 - RIP ARCHIVE.MOE Yes. I am now making this official: effective immediately we are shutting down I have encountered numerous mistakes and issues which makes me believe that I am no longer suitable to host the archives. The most recent problem being a hardware failure resulting in the lost of our database and some backups. I will be providing links to the latest working database backup we have available, which is dated 2015-06, over the next few days. Regrettably this means that 4 months of textual data has been lost. This data loss affects the database only. I will also be transferring any projects I've provided hosting for to more suitable individuals. The dump will be available at the following address:

Fortunately, /mlp/ wasn't as affected as harshly as some of the other boards due to's decision to archive everything in May, just one month before's last database backup.

A torrent of's text only content is available here (22.7 GB) . The torrent of all of the sites images likely will size up to be around 10 TB or more when it becomes available.

I'd recommend using for the foreseeable future, at least until they start getting their own problems.

Rest in piece.

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