Press Release: BABSCon Gets Chaotic With de Lancie

Well, they are trying this shit again.

Press release after the line break thingy.

Art by LoloPan and SurgicalArts
BABSCon is no stranger to the friends and foes that create and threaten harmony, and we plan on bringing you the best of each! That is why we are pleased to announce John de Lancie, the voice of everyone’s favorite frienemy, Discord, for our 2016 convention at the SFO Hyatt Regency!

You know him well as Equestria’s enemy turned sort-of-trying-to-be-a-good-guy and you know him as Q from Star Trek: The Next Generation. But he’s been tickling our eyes and ears for literally decades with his on-screen and voice acting roles: A heartbreaking turn as devastated father Donald Margolis on Breaking Bad, Colonel Frank Simmons on Stargate SG-1, the all-father Odin on Charmed, Agent Darkbootie on Invader ZIM, Allen Shapiro on Torchwood: Miracle Day, and far more than we can list here. With a star the caliber of John de Lancie, your friendly neighborhood BABSCon won’t fail to transform your convention experience. 

Keep your eyes and ears peeled everyone, because there's a rumbling that feels like big, groundbreaking things will be happening this coming April.

Oh yes, our premium memberships and hotel reservations are already going fast. So don’t miss out on your chance to hobnob with our honored guests… guests like John de Lancie. ;-)

The Bay Area Brony Spectacular (BABSCon) is the first convention devoted to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in the San Francisco Bay Area. In our first year, we became the second-largest MLP con anywhere, and we’re back for our third year April 22–24, 2016 at the SFO Hyatt Regency in Burlingame, CA. Contact for more information!

Comments (10)

  1. Didn't think BABS would actually be better then EQLA what with all the drama from BABS and what not, but hey turns out EQLA was on par with them, So times to get drunk @ nightmare nights just a few weeks away!

    1. what happened?

    2. Nothing much, EQLA was dull as dirt. Not sure how much you can blame them for being so understaffed othere than so few wanted to bother and most of those that did seemed to have no idea what they were doing. It's not the best sign when your staff has a constant look of confusion and dread.

    3. do people go to cons to interact with the staff though? did the panels blow or what

      did the twerking contest ever happen?

    4. People will certainly flock to see the show staff and EQLA showed little shame in squeezing as much as they could from their attendees, with nearly every event involving the show staff cost an additional fee on top on attendee status.

      The panels were nothing new, most were ones seen at other cons through the year with others so dumb you had to wonder how they got approved. Other than the first 5 minutes of the concert, you had the usual rehash of crap people already heard a million times over.

      The con just offered very little on it's own, there is a reason it being near Disneyland is part of their sales pitch.

  2. I can smell ILKPAL's cooties from a mile away

  3. At Eqla most of the vendors had a tough time. The turnout was lower than what we expected which means less sales. We paid for 350 each table, so local artists like myself was able to make a small profit over 3 days. But a couple of my neighbors from far states weren't fortunate. Business is a bitch.

    1. From what I heard among the vendor hall whispers is that maybe 2 or 3 tables actually came out in the black (and others just barely squeaked by.) To give some perspective, I drove out from LA to Anaheim and lost money on EQLA, even with splitting a table. I flew from LA to San Francisco and profited from BABS.

      The justification for the table price hike was a promised higher attendance and lunch (which we didn't even get Friday and all the other days they ignored the emailed menu selections from vendors and just threw whatever they could find at us.) In my opinion I don't think I got my money's worth at all.

      At least you made it out with a profit, anon. Was crossing my fingers for the vendors as soon as I saw how dismally dead the convention was.