Random Fan Filler: BiggieShy and Caramelldansen

Some of you may have noticed Horse News has been pretty...lazy as shit lately. Sometimes going days without posting anything new, which may have included today. Well we've decided to take the high road in an attempt to bring you nothing but the highest quality journalism. From now on, if you're all too busy to create drama, then we shall feed the masses nothing but fan content. And not just any fan content, we're serving up only our personal favorite bits of "what the fuck fan art."

For your viewing pleasure: the beats of BiggieShy and 60 FPS 1080p of pure unadulterated anthro horror.

BiggieShy: The Dank Engine remix

Do you like ponies? Do you like Biggie Smalls? Do you like Thomas the Tank Engine? Do you like memes?  Do you like ponies? Well look no further, this is your one stop for all your cringe worthy tastes you filthy imperial. Dub Pone's Fluttershy dancing to Biggie Thomas the Tank engine is a modern age masterpiece, combining the elements of hardcore hip-hop with Children's programming, providing an excellent contrast and a window in to the hearts of youth.

Why the only thing that could outshine this gem is the work of some ungodly satanic form of pure evil manifested in the form of animation.

Which we just so happen to have.

Anthro Pony Caramelldansen IN GLORIOUS 60 FPS

One should only view such an act against God in fullscreen and full quality. Created by a furfag for horsefuckers, this abomination aims for cute ancient internet fun but ends up making you want to slit a puppy's throat as a distraction. While I personally have nothing against sexy anthro art (send hate mail here), perhaps something so horrifying shouldn't be presented in higher quality than the latest Arkham Game. 

Although that may be even worse.

The fact I have to take time out of my masturbation schedule to make this is against company policy. Fuck you, Horse News corporate management.

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  1. Congratulations, Critic, on your not shit post. This is downright great. Keep it up (and I'm not just talking about your masturbation schedule)!

    1. dudes the party's just getting started


      think about the LULZ!!!!!!!!!

    2. You fool

  2. >eyes can only see 24fps

  3. Oh god that anthro one had me running for the hills. Happy music with creepy imagery is my worst fear, just the way they stared at you throughout the video made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.


  4. nah.........drama queens


  5. here's something for ya buddies


  6. Keep bringing in the submissions, bitches

  7. That anthro one was truely horrifying

  8. That anthro one was shit.