/mlp/ Giddy's Up for the 2015 4chan Summer Cup

Coming off a Round of 16 finish, an invitational championship, and a change in PES, the /mlp/ 4CC team is rearing for a helluva Summer Cup appearance in Group B, featuring /fit/, /u/, and /d/. A new promo and more are below the break.
Posterfig works his magic again, this time with a brand new promo for the team's upcoming appearance.

The new aesthetics look great, and Derpy looks like she's still in top-form to save some dank shots even though The Burdened is actually a million times better.

The teams /mlp/ will be facing in the Group Stage all have some big histories behind them to earn their spot in this Elite Cup.

/u/ - Yuri has one of the better track records of teams in the cup, with three Quarterfinal finishes (one in a Babby, two in the Elite) as their current streak. Despite losing to /h/ last cup, they're most likely to come out swinging the hardest of any team in the competition.

/d/ - Hentai/Alternative has had a long, long time to think about what went wrong over two years ago when they lost in penalties in the Round of 16 to the eventual Spring 13 Champions. As the team with the most goals in the 2015 Spring Cup, and a 4th-place finish (more on that later) Faye and the gang are looking for even more Violent Pornography with a sick-looking 4-3-3 longball.

/fit/ - Fitness was grouped with /u/ in Summer 13, when they lost their Elite status alongside current reigning Champions /tg/. They haven't seen an Elite cup since, but were able to strongman their way out of a rough group with a REEEEEEEE-fueled /r9k/ and an absolutely dominating Miror B, only to go out in the Ro16. Beef and Gains can only get you so much in football, and sadly this side is looking the weakest in the group, despite having some of the most heart from their fans.

So, remember this image?

DeadSmutAnon drew this ~Winter 2015, and it looked like false hope when /x/ failed to advance from their group in Spring 15, and only on a few GD. Despite this, /x/ still found a way to enter the competition alongside board-tan sisters [s4s], /d/, and chubbilicious /mlp/. The notorious /cgl/ Seagulls submitted no team export for the Summer Cup after finishing 3rd on autopilot and keeping /a/ and /sp/ in the Babbies. As such, the 17th-place team moved on up, and that's the spooky kids from /x/. Their manager most recently finished in the Top 8 of the VGL 4 after giving heavily-favored champions /5N@F/ a beating, so expect big things from them! They'll be in Group G with /h/, /f/, and /g/ if you want to cheer them on.

The 2015 4chan Summer Cup kicks off July 31st, and continues for three weeks. If you're at Bronycon and want to watch /mlp/'s final Group Stage against /d/, the Horse News crew is going to be on the scene with beers and cheers. We'll be watching the game in some schlub's hotel room, so wear your scarf around the con if you want in.

[s4s] is going to win the cup, check 'em :^) 

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  1. Sounds great man, won't be at bronycon but wanna watch this shit go down

  2. I'll be at Bronycon with my scarf. Probably standing in line. Come find me, niggas!

  3. Will this be streamed on Twitch, or anywhere else? If so, what channel?

    1. http://www.twitch.tv/the4chancup

    2. Day and time?

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