My Little Government Coverup - JFK's Personal Secretary Revealed

It was a /pol/ wet dream yesterday, as a White House Curator accidentally released damning images that confirmed what conspiracy theorists have known for years - that President John F Kennedy received extraterrestrial assistance during the Cuban Missile Crisis. The original un-doctored portrait shows the President seeking council with a well-known purple-and-green dragon, in one of the White House's offices.

The video was swiftly removed from the official White House Youtube Channel, and a coverup is underway, to disavow any knowledge of Princess Celestia's intervention with the 1960's communist regime.

The image was quickly noticed by pony-fans around the world, who have been awaiting proof that it was the magic of friendship that prevented our nuclear annihilation in October of 1962. Classified audio recordings of the Oval Office show Kennedy communicating with the sun goddess on October 26th, when nuclear war seemed imminent. 

"Spike...take a letter. Dear Princess Celestia. My continued studies of the U2 Spy plane photos have lead me to discover that we are on the precipice of disaster...threshhold....brink? That something really bad is about to happen! For you see, the Communists have in their possession, numerous long and medium range nuclear offensive weapons, which will usher in nighttime eternal. Something must be done to make sure that this terrible prophecy does not come true! I await your quick response. Your faithful student, John F Kennedy."

It is unknown how often the president sought the council of the Pony Princesses, but leaked documents indicate that they may have inspired the space race.

Sources indicate that the so-called "magic bullet" with which Kennedy was assassinated, may have been literally magical, likely purchased from a Unicorn.

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