Larson hits EFNW, Nowacking and Monty hit the Pacific, and Japan Ponycon hits the bricks

Oh god I'm going to start shilling for conventions again aren't I?
Oh fuck it's like it doesn't cost anything for me to post this info, and people might want to read it
Oh god I can't stop, please help
The always fun and fantastic show writer and author, M.A. Larson, will be joining our roster of amazing Special Guests at Everfree Northwest 2015!

M.A. Larson is a film/television/book/bio writer from Los Angeles, California.  He has written on a variety of series, such as Foster's Home for Imaginary FriendsLittlest Pet ShopSym-Bionic Titan, and Gravity Falls. His first novel, “Pennyroyal Academy”, was published  in October 2014, with a sequel planned for winter 2015.  The film rights  have been purchased by Lionsgate Films, with Reese Witherspoon  producing.  Larson can happily confirm what any thinking person already knows: Rarity is best pony.

So if you want to see (and possibly thank!) M.A. Larson in person, be sure to join us in Seattle May 29-31. And who knows, maybe he'll make you a princess!

Only 3 weeks left until Everfree Northwest 2015! You can still pre-register for the convention on our website. Some Sponsor badges are still available! Be sure to visit our website and follow us on social media ( TwitterFacebooktumblrforumsFIMFictiondeviantART ) to get all the latest Everfree NW news.


Jessi "Nowacking" Nowack and EileMonty Join the Pacific PonyCon Party!

Pacific PonyCon is proud to announce not one, but two of our community’s most awesome VA’s, Jessi "Nowacking" Nowack and Eileen “EileMonty” Montgomery! That’s right, Vinyl Scratch and Octavia are ready to make some noise this Jan 8-10, 2016 at Pacific PonyCon! Our launch sale will be coming to an end on May 10th at 11:59pm, so make sure to pick up your ticket before then and save yourself $20 dollars on any of our tickets! Just use the code: FUNINTHESUN Don’t forget our venue, the beautiful Kona Kai Resort! They are offering discounted room rates for all our attendees!
Eileen “EileMonty” Montgomery

EileMonty [Eileen Montgomery] is an artiste [Singer/Actress/VA] from the UK who has studied the art of performance since the age of 6. She attended StageCoach for 10 years, was part of the National Youth Theatre (NYT) and also studied at Chichester University gaining a 1st BA Honors Degree in Musical Theatre.

Monty has also appeared in numerous voice over roles in games and animation such as Lady Tethys in Dust: An Elysian Tail, Mustache Girl & Queen Vanessa in the A Hat In Time, Bailey in the online animation TOME and many others. Eileen has also been a YouTube Entertainer for 8 years. She has had many cameo’s in multiple online content creators videos including within the Minecraft community.

She has had tons of fun being multiple roles in abridged series such as Miss Martian in Young Justice Abridged by the FedoraPlayers, Junko Enoshima in Danganronpa Abridged Thing by Faulerro, Aya in Pokemon Bridged Ep 18 by Elite3 and many more. She has also recently started her own Tokyo Mew Mew abridged series entitled Mew Mew Lampoon with Megami33!

Within the Brony fandom she has collaborated with many talented musicians recording original and cover songs and also a popular parody called I Am Octavia. She is also notable for her voice acting roles in the Brony fandom such as Bubbles in Double Rainboom, PhotoFinish in Picture Perfect Pony, Zecora in the Epic Pony Rap Battles Of Equestria and Button’s Mom in Button’s Adventures.
Jessi “Nowacking” Nowack

Jessi “Nowacking” Nowack is a voice actress, parody writer, and a founding member of Elite3. An actress since age six, Jessi has lent her voice to video games, anime, animations, over 100 internet parodies, and more. She is most known in the brony community for voicing Vinyl Scratch in various animations and songs such as “Epic Wub Time,” “Pony Rock Anthem,” and “I Am Octavia.” She also plays LittlePip in “Fallout Equestria: The Radioplay,” Gilda in “Turnabout Storm,” and sings about freezing her flank off in “Winter’s F***ed Up” by AnimatedJames.  Jessi can also be seen in many episodes of “Bronies React."

For non-horse things, she can be seen being awful at video games in the gaming series Controller Rollers. She is also the writer and editor of “Dark Swamp” and co-writer of “Pok√©mon ‘Bridged." She also voices Seras in “Hellsing Ultimate Abridged,” Sasha in “Attack on Titan Abridged,” (both produced by TeamFourStar,) and Hyprelynx in “TOME.” Jessi can also be heard as Izumi in the English dub of “Queens Blade Rebellion.”

Legend tells that when she was a child, she drank some of the liquid out of a glow stick when her mom wasn't paying attention. As she is alive today, we can only assume she is indestructible.

Art by: Tetrapony

Japan PonyCon Sprin
g 2015 has ended, and what a day it was! On May
4th, 2015, in Kita-ku, Tokyo, in the Hokutopia Building, the 5th Japan
PonyCon was held. Taking the 13th and 14th floors, 396 bronies
attended and had a great time all day.
Guests are one of the biggest draws for any brony convention, and JPC
was no exception. The day started with a video skype call to the
wonderfully talented Cathy Weseluck, who answered questions, chatted
with fans, and even showed her improv skills by creating a nervous
dragon's Japan PonyCon Anthem!
For the first time, Japan PonyCon had live guests! Musicians The
Living Tombstone and Eurobeat Brony were able to come and visit Japan,
interact with fans all day, and perform live at the DJ Event! This is
the first time Japan PonyCon has been able to have guests of honor
visit us in person, so we were very excited to have them, and they, by
all accounts, were a ton of fun, and rocked the house.
For the charity auction, once again, proceeds went to Orphans of the
2011 Tohoku Quake. There were many items to be had, including stunning
artwork, signed comics, An Elements of Harmony book signed by 5 of the
MLP writing staff, a Season 4 original script signed by writer Josh
Haber, and a full sized Derpy fursuit. All in all, over ¥300,000
($2520) was raised!
Panels throughout the day on both floors covered tips of starting
conventions, preparing a Season Five bingo card, background pony and
Easter egg scene discussions, and a hidden stamp rally with special
prizes for whoever could find all 6. The artist alley was busy as
usual, with many high quality items for sale and lines forming for
each vendor soon after opening.
This time around, 57 people signed up for Spirit Attendance. That
means, those people will soon have a Japan PonyCon badge, conbook, and
a few Japanese treats heading their way, all over the world. At only
¥1500 ($12.50), we think that's a great deal, and hope more people
will support future Japan PonyCons in this manner.
Japan PonyCon Spring 2015 was a great success, and we would like to
thank all of our guests, skype and live, attendees, and staff for
helping to make it such a wonderful, memorable time. The next Japan
PonyCon will be in 2016- we hope to see you there!

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    Also I love when people threaten physical violence on the internet, always good chuckle. Oh no, I'm so scared, they plan to punch me! Please, like any of you nerds even know how to throw a punch.

    1. @9:15 First of all, you'd be surprised. Second of all, I don't blame the show VAs for thinking like that. However, in spite of my anger, I'm smart enough to realize that not all of the fan VAs are like that. At the very least SOME fan VA's aren't just in it for the attention or fame. I'm trying to be an amateur voice actor myself, and that's why I'm angry. People like me, want to make people happy and use that as a means to support ourselves, make a career, and actually contribute to society. A lot of these E-celebs like Jessie Nowack and Ellie Monty already have exposure and fame. But none of that doesn't mean shit when you're hungry.

    2. I have zero sympathies for the old starving artist routine. You put yourself in that situation, you have no one to blame for your inability to find work. It's a tough and competitive market were being known and having connections is as important as having the talent. That being said, Nowacking and EileMonty are terrible voice actors. Neither seem to know how to act and for being British, Elie's Octavia sounds like a fake British accent.

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