Equestria LA announces My Little Pony Creator Bonnie Zacherle

EQLA proves that here in the best coast: when you start, you start in style!

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It’s with great pleasure that Equestria LA announces Bonnie Zacherle, the creator of the wonderful My Little Pony franchise, as our first Guest of Honor for 2015.
Bonnie Zacherle joined Hasbro in 1980. While working as an Illustrator in Hasbro’s Research and Design department, Ms. Zacherle called upon her fond childhood memories of Horses and horse riding to create My Little Pony and My Pretty Pony (the precursor to theMy Little Pony line). In addition to My Little Pony, Ms. Zacherle worked on the redesigned Mr. Potato Head while at Hasbro. Shortly beforeMy Little Pony hit the market, Ms. Zacherle left Hasbro to work for Parker Brothers where she created the Nerfuls toy line. Later, she opened a studio focusing on freelance work, design and consultation services with her friend and former Hasbro colleague, Liz Knight in a renovated barn in Massachusetts. Ms. Zacherle currently lives in Warrenton, Virginia and teaches art to children.
If you haven’t registered for EQLA, you can sign up here. And don’t forget our  venue, the Hilton Anaheim, has discounted rooms available for our attendees, so don’t miss out on those special rates!
As for plans for a Horse News party at EQLA... let us know if you are intrested in joining us here in the best city in the world for EQLA! 

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