M.A. Larson found dead...

M.A. Larson found dead Nicolas Cage project in his private chambers after the Hollywood superstar visited Mitch's private estate this weekend.  Mitch has turned the discarded manuscripts into a new children's story book straight to Netflix special called PennyCage Academy which is set for release this weekend.

The special is organized into 30 five minute shorts and details the experience of a young wizard on his way to become the best super-spy priest detective conspiracy wizard in history.

We reached out to various telecommunications and entertainment companies about the limited release, but we received very little reply.

Netflix had this to say:
"We felt bad for the guy and needed another slot to fill the Nic Cage and Young Adult Anime's selections so we gave him a shot. Plus some guy in IT owes him a favor.
You can find some teasers of the new show below.

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