Day 1 of BABScon - what to do, where to be, what to eat

So the time is finally here, for BABScon day 1. Yesterday was day 0 and was plagued by flight delays and the chaos that they cause, But all that's behind us now. Yesterday, an unofficial event took place - #horsefamous Cards Against Equinity, which raised $300 for Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue. Thanks to everyone who donated and all the players for coming out. BE sure to swing by the charity merch table this weekend to feed the horses.

Here's HN's suggestions of where to go, what to see, and even where to eat while you're here for the con.

What to eat: Despite the immediately apparent culinary limitations of this convention, there are actually a wide variety of dining options if you know where to go. Last year earned the diner across the street a reputation for horrible service, but that's okay, you don't have to eat there. Just head South along the Bayshore, and cross the highway using the pedestrian footbridge next to the Crowne Plaza. There on Broadway street you will find a liquor and wine store for booze, a Walgreens for shopping and basic hotel room foods, as well as numerous dining options ranging from mediterranean, to Pizza, to Japanese, Bar Food, and even an icecream parlor to name a few. It is in this area you will also find the Caltrain station, which can take you in to the heart of San Francisco if you want to explore while you're here. It's about 7 blocks walk, but it's worth it.

Where to go: Day 1 is going to have a ton of big panels that you may want to see. I will actually be moderating the MLP Staff Writer's Panel, so if you have any burning questions about the mechanics of the show, ask your questions here for me to include, or ask them in line at the panel. That happens around 4 PM in the big room.
I have a bingo sheet prepared.

The Creativity Kitchen is premiering videos at noon, after the opening ceremonies.
Cathy Weseluck is going to be performing with ping pong balls for charity at 2:30.

If you like reading, you can check out GM Berrow's novels panel at 1pm.
If you HATE reading, you can go to the IDW Comics panel at 6pm, and ask Bobby Curnow about your FAVORITE writers.

At 2:30 you can inflate our egos by smoozing with people who are inexplicably popular for watching cartoon horses together at the "Sweet Apple Social"

Catie "Boxxy" Wayne will be hosting a panel in the late night at 12:30 (provided she's feeling better).
Then something else totally isnt happening immediately after.

Remember to shower at least once today, and rinse that travel stank off you. Get some deodorant from the Walgreens, and we'll be all set to have an awesome boozed up day.

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  1. All of these conventions, yet here I am, shitposting in a questionable website

  2. 20 years old and can't drive, I salute you for this Cappa after I didn't eat at last year's BABSCon.