Thing About Ponies is Happening

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Evidence released by a source in someplace near somewhere dated today shows that something is happening.

Something related to ponies is happening somewhere at this time for some reasons because of something.

Our sources at somewhere someplace indicate that ponies have something to do with this thing. this thing is happening at some time and place and we have confirmation that it is a thing that is happening.

Ponies are part of this thing. The thing is [adjective] [noun].

In other words its a thing about ponies.

Ponies have to do with this thing because reasons.

This is happening because of things but we are not certain at this time if this thing is related to something else. What we do know though is that it is a thing about ponies.

A person related to this said the following:
"Its a thing alright. Definitely a thing."
The ponies in this thing are very pony and show no signs of not being pony. Pony pony pony, pony pony. the thing is not about not ponies, but the thing is a thing.

Basically pony.

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  1. Even know that we have a date for S5 and it's only one month away, HN is still in full hiatus mode.

  2. Is this thing real, or is it just fantasy?

  3. *insert dank meme here*

  4. A clear example of "Shitposting"

  5. Glad that the hiatus is almost over.

  6. WTF is this shit?