Celestia approves commercial activity in Equestrian Airspace

Long an international no-fly zone, the fictional land of Equestria has granted American Airlines exclusive permission to conduct commercial flights to and from the kingdom. This is the latest development in a series of expansions to the rights of American travelers, following the opening of the US Embassy in Cuba.

In move away from the isolationist policies that have been in place since the 1980's, Equestria will once again be open to Human Travel, provided you're willing to put up with a lack of Skymall magazines.

Flights have already begun appearing on such discount travel sites as Travelocity, where a round-trip flight from Detroit will run you about $454 dollars. Despite the relatively inexpensive fare costs, many travelers will still have trouble for the foreseeable future. Customs still have trouble acquiring travel visas to cartoons.

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  1. >implying Equestria is not a code name for Guantanamo Bay

  2. Still needs Luna's permission