Tidbits: GalaCon Ticket Sales open, Charity Auction, and some shipping action

Couple little pieces of information for today: Galacon Ticket sales are open so if you're a EuroBro, be sure to check that out. Also we have word of a series of charity auctions going on, so.

Now on to the fun, Valentines-themed stuff.
There's a website out there now that ships twitter users, based on users twitter interactions and whatnot. More specifically-positive interactions brings in the results. Of course this has to be applied to pony fans for the hell of it. Let's take a look at some of the results. http://www.twitamore.com/

Okay, so Mando + Sibsy is a perfect control group, being an established couple.

It shipped Andrea and Peter New together, which we will henceforth use as a confirmation of FlutterMac. 

Uhh... moving right along...

Ahhh Narcissism. We can only assume that rampant usage of "me" or "I" brings this result.


Can't make this shit up.
The biggest surprise came in the form of this

 Faust-Senpai noticed me apparently.

Leave any funny results in the comments because there's a goldmine in here.

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  1. http://i.imgur.com/5TJxvy5.png f-fuck....

    1. So FIMFiction+HorseNews merger confirmed?

  2. the only one I love is apparently Jose too, not sure if I should be worried Final Draft and I apparently have similar taste...

  3. http://a.pomf.se/wubtkh.png :^)

    Also, 8chan's twitter loves 4chan.