/mlp/ faces /m/ in the 4chan Cup

The next round of the 2015 4chan Winter Cup is set to kickoff today with Group G set for some big matches. [s4s] prepares to get spooky with /x/ at 2pm EST, while /mlp/ faces off with /m/ yet again at 2:30 EST.

Today's matches will play a huge role in determining who advances to the next round, as well as who gets relegated to the Spring Babbys. apparently the Babbies are dead and I was not informed and I am saddened by this.

[s4s-tan] has already shown up to make her predictions of the results

Here's the standings before the matches.

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  1. >spring babbys
    I got some bad news for you, Capper.

  2. I missed the match and don't feel like watching the highlights- how'd we do?