Equestria Primates is kill

February, the month of death, quietly claimed another one without us noticing last week. According to FimFlamFilosophy's website, one of the few projects we were looking forward to here at Horse News - Equestria Primates - "is kill".

But in the ashes, there is some good news.

"Equestria Primates is now on indefinite hiatus." Greg writes.  "Basically, it is kill – I won’t jerk you guys around by building up your hope and saying, “well, it’ll still arrive in a few months”. I can’t promise that because presently there are no concrete plans in regards to a return to Equestria Primates. "

This announcement comes paired with a mention that there will be shorts of works related to monkeys in the future, (Banana Republic) but that the Equestria Primates project itself is dead. "Petirep is burnt out on horse butts".

At least the guys were direct and upfront about this, instead of fading into the background or leaving fans hanging without word like so many other projects before.

Greg and Ryan - aka Petirep - do announce that they will be attending BABScon in the Spring and will be showing Mentally Advanced Series videos, so that's cool. 

Perhaps one day.

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  1. Fuck, so they will no longer produce any horse related content? RDP is kill too? Fuck I wish it had gotten some kind of definitive finale.

    1. The last RDP WAS the definitive finale, it was even planned as such.

  2. >Greg felt a velvety hand brush against his check.
    >Absent-mindedly, he nuzzled it affectionately.
    "Kenzia, not now. I'm trying to finish up this 'Personal Time With Greg' video"
    [spoiler]Kenzia is his fiancee[/spoiler]
    [spoiler]also quite aware that spoilers don't exist on this site[/spoiler]
    >Playfully, the supple fingertips glided around to his ear, pulling on his earlobe like a kitten with string.
    >Greg closed his eyes, and let the moment happen.
    >Sure, the YouTube monetization might suffer from a potential drop in fickle brony viewership, but he had her; he loved her, she him, and that was warm and comforting like an electric blanket set to high with a cup of cocoa in front of a fire on a cold winter's night.
    >A finger stroked his lip, and almost reflectively, he put it in his mouth, nibbling it playfully, letting the grooves of the finger's print scrape against his tongue.
    >Greg moaned contentedly.
    >The instant message alert almost startled him out of his almost-married bliss.
    >Not letting go of Kenzia's hand, he leaned in to read that the message was from…
    >Clear as day, the casually written note read:
    "Hi honey- IMU whut you doing?"
    >Greg must had re-read the line over and over for what felt, to him, like an hour, but was probably only a minute, he would later postulate.
    >He bracingly let go of the hand that had been in his.
    >And cautiously, he turned around...

    1. >There, almost completely buck naked, except for a "g-string," stood Petirep.
      >Greg's eyes bulged out, and squinting in a 'whutdafuq' expression etched on his face, eyed Petirep's body.
      >It was obvious that he had been working out, and toning up.
      >It was also obvious that he was covered in baby oil and old spice.
      "Greg, I…"
      >But Petirep didn't have a chance to say anything more, as Greg's mouth was planted atop his lips, as if drawing life-breath from the other's lungs.
      >Clasping his arms around Greg's waist, he hoisted the other man up, and carried him to the living room couch.
      "How did you get here? Why ARE you here?", Greg panted between kisses.
      >Petirep shyly grinned.
      "The first one is easy. Allen let me in."
      >More heavy petting and macking.
      "The other is, I know how much RDP was to you. And I…"
      >Greg's hand was tightening around Petirep's throbbing cock.
      "And I… wanted to…"
      >Slow, deliberate strokes to match the syncopated beat of their heaving breaths of naked, raw, aggressive passion.
      "Make it up to you."
      >By this point, a dutch rudder had been constructed, and both young men were jerking each other off, spraying involuntary webbing all over the other's chest and hair.
      [spoiler]I have no idea how actual sex, let along gay sex, actually works. Clearly.[/spoiler]
      "It's okay,"
      >Greg chuckled, as he spat cum (he had no way of knowing if it was his or Petireps) out of his mouth- come that wouldn't stop flowing like a broken fire hydrant.
      "At least we got Rae, Payton, and Taylor."
      >Both of them laughed out loud, and finished the evening with a bottle of wine and more weirdly out-of-character-for-both sexual gymnastics.

      >Kenzia fell back into her chair, sweat dripping off her brow, and onto her naked breasts.
      >She had been at it for hours, trying to keep up with the live feed.
      >They fucked like champions, and now, both had finally fallen asleep.
      >The sun was shining on the Denmark morning, and as she stumbled to shower off, a knowing smirk crossed her lips.
      >She wasn't sure if Ryan would do it.
      >She wasn't sure if Greg could do it.
      >But she was glad they both did.

    2. You've made the world a better place today, don't you ever doubt that.

    3. I choose to accept your statement at face value, without any trace of sinister nuance or dainty hint of sarcasm.

    4. Nice work, story anon

      8/10 would kek again

  3. I can't tell if you were intentionally baiting me. I'd never heard of Equestria Primates and assumed this was your funny way of saying that EQG is dead.

  4. Truly this is a dark day.