BABScon announces list of people who probably hate us

As of today there are less than 40 days to go before BABScon. As such the announcements are starting to trickle down and they're now announcing the #horsefamous attendees. So they sent us a list, which might as well be titled "people who we've pissed off". Let's take a look who's coming to the party.
Sherclop Pones and FiMFlamFilosophy will be there, so that's cool - word is Petirep will be on the scene. Saberspark is on the list with AC Racebest. Miss Catie Wayne will be returning. Silver Eagle is coming. Word is he'll be doing a panel on "defining innuendos, and their influence on pony politics". Seth and the EQD boys will be there as well.

Then there's: RinaChan, JanAnimations, ILoveKimPossibleAlot, Solrac, and DustyKat.


Wait a minute, ShadyVox bailed on the convention last night, so disregard him.
Did anyone tell KP that John DeLancie isn't coming anymore?
And what the fuck is Chelis doing on the list of "Community Guests"? 

Other important questions include: What is an "Everfree Motorsports"? 

So yeah, this should be fun.
Check out the press thingy

What makes our community really special is the amazing, talented bronies who draw, act, collaborate, create and contribute to making our fandom that much more awesome. Many of us came for the show but stayed for the fandom and what an amazing one it is with all that we’ve made of it. This year, BABSCon has your hook up for over a dozen guests you know and love, including YouTube stars, Internet legends, radio hosts, and fandom talent.

#HorseFamous? We’ve got ‘em! Master producers Sherclop Pones and FiMFlamFilosophy join us as Special Guests this April for all things animation! From the realm of YouTube hail the multi-talented ILoveKimPossibleAlot, Solrac (YapLap), Dustykatt, ACRaceBest, Saberspark, and Catie “Boxxy” Wayne. Special Guests Sethisto and the rest of the Blog Ponies from Equestria Daily will be here to tell you why Trixie/Rarity/Spitfire is best pony. You’ll be able to lend an ear to none other than our lovely Special Guest Kira “Rina-Chan” Buckland to hear all about voice acting and more.

Also joining us is Apple Cider from the Bronyville podcast as well as Silver Eagle and the whole crew from Ponyville Live! The talented hands behind our exclusive Golden Gates plushes, Equestria Plush returns this year, as do the shadow box rockstars, The Paper Pony. The one and only Chelis joins us for a spin of the yarn and dangers of the written word. Running our cosplay contest is the fabulous Lochlan O’Neil (aka Too Rad Cosplay) and Everfree Motorsports is sure to excite.

Be sure to catch your favorite bronies at the one and only Bay Area Brony Spectacular, April 3-5, 2015. They’ll be with us for all the festivities and friendship we have to offer, so come be a part of the action. Meet your favorite stars here at BABSCon! You can join us by registering at Hurry, April is closing in fast and you don’t want to miss your chance!

We also like to give a shout out to our Hearts and Hooves Day #LoveBABS contest! We had a bunch of great entries and it was really hard to choose but we have some good ones! For best photo we have @idquid who took a cute picture of Golden Gates and Big Mac at the Golden Gate Bridge, and @kolshicako who drew an awesome piece with Golden Gates and Poniko from JapanPonycon.

The Bay Area Brony Spectacular (BABSCon) is the first convention devoted to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in the San Francisco Bay Area. In our first year, we became the second-largest MLP con anywhere, and we’re back for our second year April 3–5, 2015 at the SFO Hyatt Regency in Burlingame, CA. Contact for more information!

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  1. Good thing I'm not going to babscon. Fuck all those people.

  2. >boxxy

    Anyway, hopefully this one has 100% less false child endangerment accusations.

    1. just rape allegations, probably

    2. Hopefully? Nigga, California's full of pedos why else do you think it has a high concentration of liberals?

  3. Horse News fags actually think people care about them.

  4. >Runka Chunk

    I hope she doesn't shit in the hotel bathtubs.

  5. he probably cried/sucked his dick until he could get a free room or some shit by pretending to be relevent

    i also heard his girlfriend broke up with him and kicked him out of their hotel room

  6. >girlfriend
    >implying chelis ever had one to begin with

    you're probably referring to a woman who chelis had an open crush on and imagined to be his girlfriend, and when she arrived at the hotel room with a man weighing less than 500 lbs, ran out in tears crying about the friendzone

  7. >all this salt over one person

    Anons confirmed autistic

  8. >people still care about people who aren't Jan and don't work on the show.
    This is why we cannot have nice things.

    1. >Who aren't Jan
      >My autism is better than your autism

  9. Isn't Too Rad Cosplay the attention whore with the giant boobs?

    1. You're gonna have to be more specific, champ.