Writefag finally delivers

After over three weeks and nine threads dedicated to his magnum opus of horse humans, rape, stalling, Chad worshiping, shitposting, stalling, bumping, wishing, stalling, love, friendship, stops to Mexico City, and even more stalling, based writefag NaOH finally delivered today. It's about damn time too, because our anticipation couldn't hold out any longer.

Archive shot because Capper was drunk
On December 29th of last year, a random thread was started and the usual happenings ensued. Dubs, bad jokes, sexual frustration, and shitposting, the usual /mlp/ thread protocol. However on that day, a day which will live in infamy, that thread gave birth to the greentext of Sodium Hydroxide, or NaOH for short.

What followed was magical. A journey of yet another anon, fresh off the mean streets of Detrot and now claims Canterlot High as his hood. The story of a new kid who gets shit on, finds a friend in Rainbow Dash, and redeems himself (some what). A story of win, cock blocking of the highest caliber, friendship, keks, and now the opportunity to come inside, Rainbow Dash.

All of this comes from an incredibly based writefag. NaOH consistently took all of his followers' shit and they gladly ate up all of his, even when he only posted one shred of green a night, if that. So for creating a following of this caliber and keeping everyone on the edge of their seats by being a master of the cliffhanger, NaOH gets a poorly lit spotlight to bask in on Horse News.

this makes far more sense in context
Sounds like a good story and a good write fag, huh? Get your ass in here. You can start with the original thread and forward in the archives here. If going through all those posts and the monumental amount of days NaOH didn't bother to show up to the party that was thrown for him for over three weeks, you can just read the always updating pastebin here. You may be wondering where the story is at now. Well here's one of the last few exerts from the story in thread #9:

He goes for it by the way. The pay off is only as sweet with an entire saga behind it, though. I suggest you start reading up, reader.

I swear to god if NaOH stops this story in the middle of sexualz I will come to his dirt village and smack him. We've been waiting, damn it.  Also why is this an article?

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  1. Fun Fact: NaOH originally came from the Fingerbang general.

  2. Must be a slow news day.

  3. >based writefag NaOH finally delivered today

    Really? I thought he was lyeing this whole time!

  4. Who the fuck gives a fuck about this EqG bullshit?
    MLPcritic is a fucking hack, fire him from HN.

  5. Well thanks for making me feel like a faggot for caring about sappy soap story. With boners.

    1. Same.
      Will anon be able to overcome Bulk Biceps?

      Will he be a good wingman and he get his friend Featherweight a shot with his girlfriend's best friend?

      Will he confront Sunset?

      Will he ever get to come inside Rainbow Dash?

      Found out in next week's thrilling chapter of Dragon Ball Z.

    2. >Will he ever get to come inside Rainbow Dash?

      Well, close enough.

    3. >Well, close enough.

      not good enough damnit
      it's fine if NaOH wants take the high road on teen pregnancy I'm ok with that.
      But Anon needs to get dash on the pill or fast forward 10 years to anon and dashies wedding night or some shit.

    4. Haven't we learned anything from Chelis? If anyone is gonna get one in the oven, it'll be Sunset. Calling it now, there will be some cheating. A lot of cheating.

    5. I blame you anon, rainbow dash deserves better.

    6. Yep, there you go, you got what you wanted. All the blame be onto you.

  6. Sweet jesus, read the whole damn thing in one sitting. Pastebin, that is. 11pm - 3:30 am. O.O'
    (I dunno, had nothing much else to do) :/

    They just need to have a freaking orgy and get it over with. Except for Pinkie. Definitely not her.