Win a Lauren Faust drawing of your OC in Wildlife charity auction

Remember when we said that Mama Faust was doing a charity thing for the Wildlife Learning Center, but we didn't know what? Well word just hit the inbox that there will be a charity auction, with the chance to have your OC drawn by Lauren Herself. "The Old Grey Mare Show" tomorrow will be the place to be, as there is a chance that Faust herself may stop by the stream.

All the details below

The Old Grey Mare is delighted to welcome you to an incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity:Getting YOUR PONY drawn by LAUREN FAUST herself!
But the epicness doesn't stop there. Join The Old Grey Mare and co-host TARA STRONG (yes, the voice of Twilight Sparkle, Bubbles, Harley Quinn, Dil Pickles, Raven, Princess Clara, Toot Braunstein... need we go on?) as they interview a star-studded cast of the hottest fan VAs, plus several pro VAs who got their start in the fan VA world.
Plus, did we mention Ms. Faust may make an appearance on the show itself? You won't want to miss this! And it's all for a great cause: All proceeds from the charity auction for the Lauren Faust commission will benefit the Wildlife Learning Center, per Ms. Faust's own request.

The fun starts at 8PM Eastern US / 7PM Central, 5PM Pacific on Sunday, January 11th. A link to tune in will be posted on the top of The Old Grey Mare's website approximately 10-15 minutes before the show.
(If the show's already underway, you can TUNE IN HERE!)

The guest roster includes:
• BaldDumboRat, fan voice of Derpy;

• Brittany Laudaprofessional VAformer fan VA;

EileMonty, voice of Button's Mom, fan voice of Octavia (et al);

• Kira Bucklandprofessional VAformer fan VA;

• MEMJ, fan voice of Celestia;

• Meredith Sims, fan voice of numerous ponies

• Nowacking, the fan voice of DJ Pon-3;

• revler897, fan voice of Discord

That's right, EIGHT amazing VAs, all being interviewed by TOGM along with the Queen of Bronies, the woman of a thousand voices, Tara Strong. This is going to be one for the record books.

So be sure to set aside that time slot! 8PM Eastern US / 7PM Central, 5PM Pacific on Sunday, January 11th. be there!

Comments (9)

  1. >my OC

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. What do they take me for? Some kind of faggot?

    1. >Be me
      >pretend to be super-autist
      >Ask faust to draw equestria girls alicorn twilight sparkle .
      >Lauren faust is forced too do it because I pay
      >Faust takes up drinking and is killed 3 days later in a car crash
      >I cry everytime

  2. >be richfag
    >make the most autistic oc possible
    >bid and win
    >make Faust draw your shitty oc

    1. Or just ask her to draw Twilight. "Don't forget the wings!".

    2. Well yes, that is what will happen.

    3. >draw Twilight

      It takes a special kind of evil to want to taunt Lauren Faust. I'd hope that would be beneath even the depraved standards of horsefuckerdom.

    4. See, one thing that math has taught me is that some things just don't have a lower bound. Especially on the Internet, where the famed onthological proof of shitting dickboobs (aka rule 34) was conceived.

    5. Heavens no, asking for Twilight would be a very bad idea! Besides, the rules state that it must be an OC. And I'm sure we have enough creativity as fandom to maintain dignity and not embarrass Lauren with more silly ideas! For example, I just happen to be a God-fearing Christian Brony, and my OC is named Seraph. As you may know, Seraphim are divine beings of light and fire, who epitomise striving for active good and enlightenment. And so my Seraph is six-winged unicorn pony whose cutiemark is burning book showered with gold coins, which symbolise the constant renewal of knowledge and drive for charity. And by the way, she is my ponysona and her horn is 7 inches long. I would very much like Lauren to draw it.

    6. Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?!