Miley Cyrus posts nudes...then more ponies

So, by now we should probably stop being surprised, but Miley Cyrus keeps making headlines.
Today she blew up everyone's internet for going full-frontal nude on instagram and in some magazine.

So what do you do after the whole world checks out your kibbles and bits?
Apparently you pick up some books.
Pony books.

So yes, there's no more denying it, Cyrus is a pony fan. She has teased it numerous times before, with a unicorn hoodie and then a Pinkie Pie mug but now she went out and bought a copy of the Elements of Harmony.

There, we posted about it. Stop sending it to us.

Oh you wanted nudes too?
Well here.

Comments (16)

  1. I know the brony philosophy welcomes anyone to the herd, but damn Miley, stop testing us.

    1. >brony philosophy
      This isn't equestria daily.
      Fuck off.

    2. I gave up on the whole brony thing in early 2011 when the Know Your Meme article became popular. Up to that point, "brony" was just a faggier way of saying "pony bro" on 4chan, like how anons are called *blank* bro about anything. It was never supposed to be a philosophy, just a bunch of nerds on /co/ who watched a show for little girls.

  2. I'm still suspicious in general of anyone with an audience trying to get some free fans by liking ponies.
    She's not going to make a fan out of me, but at the same time I'm not going to say someone's not allowed to like ponies.

  3. I honestly don't know what I expected from Cyrus' nudes.
    Not really worth it.

  4. Who's next, Will.I.Am or Justin Bieber?

  5. Honestly, would any of us care if Miley Cyrus showed up at BronyCon? Here's a thought if you made serious cash acting like an oddball would you do it? If I saw Miley.... welcome to the herd; have a good time!

  6. >worn out slut of a has been
    >certifiably insane
    >occasional SJW
    Well shit, she'll fit right in with the other women in this fandom.

  7. Not pony i can't even fap to this!