It's really us dude

Please PM our tumblr. Thank you BrĂ¼tamod, we love you.

Comments (5)

  1. HN is now Rarifag's PM service.

  2. Ah ha! How do we know that the Tumblrinas haven't hacked Horse News and this post is but a cunning ploy to con BrĂ¼tamod into outing his double-super-secret-butt-fun-best-friends-forever's contact info?

    If this is really Rarifag, let's see you do the secret handshake, yeah?

  3. Eh, back in October or so Catfood told me he just plain wasn't interested in giving interviews & such. He wanted his comics to be popular, not himself. That said, Tumblr is the only way I know to contact him, and he doesn't seem to be checking it anymore (or at least, not often).

    1. Ah well. Everybody really wants to peer into the guy's mind, and give credit where credit is due, but that's okay. Give him our best wishes!

  4. Another fine display of SJW stupidity and delusions.