Ask con founders, artists "anything" for charity!

There's always been a number of differences between the Horse News staff, and the likes of the EQD crew. Outside of the obvious, one of the major differences is sleep schedule. We're not used to staying up until 6am and then being down for the count for most of the next morning. Well apparently press releases have little use for our sleep requirements, as the writer of this one pinged me to rouse us from this prolonged holiday hangover we are experiencing today. There is a charity livestream for a cause that I didn't read about and are therefore unfamiliar with, but given all the people in that picture, it must be important. 

Most of those are OCs of Convention people and artists.

The object is that if you donate money you can ask them "anything" (the quotes indicate fine-print, we doubt questions WE would ask are fair game).

Read all the info that we didn't below.

Ever wanted to pick the brains of the founders of BronyCon or BABSCon-- really ask them anything, candidly, and get an answer? (Maybe even some gossip from the REALLY early days of the fandom?)

Ever wanted to talk to some of the most well-known artists and fan VAs in the fandom, including a syndicated, published comics creator?

Today is your chance-- for charity!For those following the news, 2014 ended on a sad note for the LGBT community, with the widely publicized suicide of transgender teenager Leelah Alcorn. Our fandom has more than its statistical share of trans* folk, making this hit close to home for plenty of pony people

Today (Jan 1, 2015) at 3PM Eastern/noon Pacific, join BronyCon founder Purple TinkerBABSCon founder SonyaLynn, artist & fan VAJitterbug Jive, and beloved comics artist (& official EFNW artist) Dana Simpson for your chance to pick their brains for charity!
Here's how it will work:
For every $20 you donate (every penny of which, less any Paypal fees, will be sent to the Transgender Human Rights Institute), you get to ask one (1) of the panelists one (1) question, subject to the following limits:

Dana Simpson (comics artist, official EFNW artist) will answer any question about any of the following:
[1] Any of her comics or other art, or other aspects of her career (barring anything under NDA or other similar restrictions).
[2] Transgender issues in general.

JitterWhooves/BaldDumboRat (artist, fan voice of Derpy) will answer any question about any of the following:
[1] Any of his comics or VA work.
[2] Any transman/transmasculine issues.
[3] Pansexuality
[4] Questions about abuse
Purple Tinker (BronyCon & Bronies-NYC founder, Ponycon co-founder, podcast host) will answer any question about any of the following:
[1] The founding of BronyCon, Bronies-NYC or Big Apple Ponycon (besides personal information on show staff or other individuals)
[2] The Old Grey Mare or her other charity work.
[3] Her own transition, or transgender issues in general.

Sonya Lynn (BABSCon founder) will answer any question about any of the following:
[1] Anything about BABSCon, barring that which is under NDA or otherwise restricted access.
[2] Anything else, except personal information on other people or anything pertaining to EFN staff
The recipient of this money, The Transgender Human Rights Institute, is working to promote "Leelah's Law", which would ban anti-transgender "conversion therapy" that attempts to force transgender and gender-questioning/gender-variant youth to conform to their birth-assigned gender. It was this sort of coercive "therapy", plus the impact of non-supportive parents and community members, which led to Leelah's tragic suicide. Join us to help build a world where everyone is free to live their lives in the gender[s] they are most comfortable in.
Join the whole crew today at 3PM Eastern/noon Pacific on Ponyville Live or PonyTonite. Both stream pages will have a link to the donation page where you can give (in $20 increments) and submit your questions to the panelists!

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  1. I'm not very keen on attending a stream with... a few of these people there, but I might throw some money in.

  2. >Leelah Alcorn

    This shit pisses me off because they pull that asterisk bullshit, implying all that made-up trans-whatever bullshit is valid, but holy shit, this is just fucking low. They're exploiting some random loser who threw away his life so he could make a "statement" and shit just so they can go "Look how open minded we are, you guys!".

    I hope it turns out that the self-righteous little fucker hated bronies.

    1. And now that I actually read more of this horse shit, I see there's fucking BaldDumboRat. I got two questions for her: One, are you really "trans" if you just want to live out your sexual fantasies, not unlike Chris-chan? And two, do these hipster dickheads running this convention know you get off on rape, gore, and pedophilia:

      Oh, and look at that "Petition To Ban From Bronycon" part. Gee, sure hope no one brings up Purple Tinker tried to get BDR banned for being a sick fuck and that BDR tried to get Purple Tinker banned because she got butthurt! That might just set off a drama bomb! *WINKS SUBTLY*

    2. All these flavors, and you choose to be salty.
      Look, I don't get the trans shit either, but that's mostly because I'm not one myself so I don't try to act like I know better either way.

      And FYI, Alcorn is on record for hating the guts of otherkin (, which would put her at odds with a considerable amount of SJWs, so... take that as you will.

    3. Well, excuse me for actually giving a shit about human rights and getting pissed off when sacks of shit turn what I used to believe in into a complete fucking mockery. We can't all refuse to grow up and have our entire world revolve around a cartoon for little girls.

    4. Yeah naw, you're being a salty bitch too 18:15.

    5. Have fun playing with your toys and watching your cartoons while the rest of us get married and have careers.

    6. You're trolling around on Horse News. The chances of you getting married is slim to none.

  3. Dana Simpson: Born a guy as David Craig Simpson
    JitterWhooves/BaldDumboRat: Born a girl, unknown name, more than two aliases
    Purple Tinker: Born a guy
    Sonya Lynn Hipper: Born a girl (as far as I know), doesn't pretend to be a guy.

  4. A reminder for you all:

    While most SJW trannies ARE just sick fucks who believe that they can rewrite reality by believing something really hard, gender dysphoria IS in fact a real thing that people can really suffer from, and as some of you have demonstrated, there does exist real prejudice against victims of it that causes incidents like this suicide.

    Don't get me wrong, I think that biology is more important too. I think that if a biological male thinks he's female, then it's his head that's wrong, not his body. But the human mind is not very well understood, and as far as I know, a technique to make someone change genders (whether it be drugs, therapy, or whatever else) without causing a whole lot of nasty side-effects or other mental trauma does not yet exist. Genuine transexuals have to do the crossdressing and hormone therapy and get the eventual sex change because that's the closest thing we have to an actual treatment, because at least then how they look to us and how they feel inside are no longer in conflict.

    It's not ideal, but we don't live in an ideal world. So feel free to laugh at SJWs and mock their delusions all you want, but remember that some transgender people really are just normal people that got a shit hand in life, and don't be an asshole for no reason.

    1. I can agree with you, kind anon, there are a lot more genuine reasons to hate sjws, this is not one of them.

    2. You can only hear people "Wolf!" so many times before you stop giving a shit.

  5. What the fuck do trannies have to do with My Little Pony? Fucking sickos need to go find some other show to use to pedal their degenerate bullshit.

  6. Leelah's Law is a load of crap designed to tug the heartstrings of guilty minded liberals for something that can never pass in law as long as religious freedom is tolerated.

    The kid's parents clearly loved them and they went on to explain how much they loved their child in various media sources, but their religion explicitly forbade them to accept transgenderism. It wasn't an unsupportive community, or parents, or even "therapy" that made Leelah commit suicide - it was Christianity and by extent the Abrahamic faiths. Events like this just squander resource and put money into the pockets of activists instead of attacking the source of the problem. Only when religion is something you do in your own home in your closet in a shrine with pictures of Neil Patrick Harris instead of a place to go on Sundays and judge others will the world be a better place.

    Want to help transgenders out in your day to day life? Become their friends and never stop supporting who they are or let them go. Offer them the shelter and safe place they need and go to them when they are swarmed by their darkness. It is literally impossible to run out of love to give the world, if that is what you choose to give the world.
    Also farts. You can never run out of farts.

    1. What gives ANYONE the right to interfer this much with people's lives? Because they're "right"? Because their way is good and just and all that? They don't think these bible-thumpers think THEY are right and good and just and etc.? And where does this stop? Where do we draw the line with what people can and cannot be allowed to believe?

      As much as I hate this "conversion therapy" bullshit, it's not my nor anyone else's place to force people to believe what I think is right. Kids that are put through this shit going to grow up eventually, and those kids can either can make their own minds or they can take the coward's way out just because the world refuses to conform to them.

    2. Kind sir,

      Due to your recent actions and your recent Internet posts it is with deep regret that I have to inform you about my strong suspicion of you having a terminal case of faggotry. I would advise you to book an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible. Stay strong and keep believing in yourself. We are here for you.

      Faithfully yours,
      A concerned 4channer

    3. >posting on 4chan
      >being a faggot
      This is what we call "a given"

  7. He wasn't "normal" and "normal" is uncool. That's literally the whole deal. Caucasian males make up about 50% of suicides, but no one gives a shit because white dudes killing themselves because they're not the "cool" group. The only reason anyone gives a shit is because it's cool to pretend to give a rat's ass about any group that's not "mainstream". Not empathy, not compassion, because it's the cool thing to do and no one has the balls to call out suicide victims on being the cowardly sacks of shit they are.

    ...And then there's Purple Tinker, who only cares because his name is one letter away from "alicorn" and quickly realized that he could scam saps out of their money with this fuck-awful fundraiser.

  8. That guy could pass for someone cool, in the late 50s.

  9. It's 2015, grandpa.

  10. Man, this comments section turned to /pol/ in a real fucking hurry.

  11. Wow, the comments here make Youtube look sane and intelligent.

  12. I hope someone asked BDR why he thinks someone as creepy as himself with a rape fetish deserves to be popular

    (just kidding, attention whores know no shame)

  13. Well, the dude is a caucasian male, so you're wrong about that.