The Year in one image

/mlp/'s "Year in an image" was completed in the form of a Christmas Card while we were on hiatus for the Holiday. Within it are images that capture the spirit of the "Year of the Horse" and all that has happened in the last 12 months. Let's take a look back.
Up top, we had the influx of inter-board troll advertising throughout the year. Next to that, what is regarded as one of the cringiest commissions of all time, and 2 of the best board-cosplays.

The next row shows the man who gave a blood offering to his waifu, next to Ask Fury Belle's coverage of the Ted Anderson incident.

A group photo of nor/mlp/eople at Bronycon posing with Based Haber, the death of "Ya Es Hora", the death of the Treehouse, and /mlp/'s birthday card from Petirep adorn the next row.

Many of the various popular images and screencaps of the year are interspaced around them, and M.A. Larson showing off his 4chan Cup Jersey on the far right.

In the middle-left, pics of some of the many Scarf Recipients including Boxxy, Larson, Lauren Faust and Ashleigh Ball are shown wearing their team gear. A short but sweet "RIP Heinessen" is included commemorating the death of best archive.

Ebola Chan and the Cum Jar project take center stage along side the HN logo, which was founded this January.

Slenderman, who was discovered on /mlp/ takes the middle-right, near the Death of The Hub image. The "Dark Skyes" takedown shows up in the bottom-left, just above the "Island of /mlp/ map", updated for the current board climate. 

Many things were missed, but it is a great retrospect of a long, turbulent year for /mlp/ and the fandom.

See you in the next one.

Comments (6)

  1. Can you please post the full size image?

  2. Compared to the last year, it was pretty sedate, though.

    1. Not much happened compared to 2014.
      This image also misses out the ridiculous number of VA threads that where on /mlp/
      this year.

  3. Eh, it was a better year than 2013, when we had Sombra and EQG 1.

  4. Greg's Derp Twi! Fuckin nice.