The 2014 /mlp/ awards voting thread is now live!

It's that time of year again folks, where we can all gather around our beat up laptops and vote on meaningless crap. Of course, I'm not talking about the poll which got rekd by us twice in a row. I'm talking about something even more meaningless. The annual /mlp/ award ceremony is now taking your votes. Even if they are terrible.

A year in review, /mlp/ style
We're four days away from 2015 and it's time once again to figure out the worst of the worst of the fandom. The annual /mlp/ award voting process in now in session. They've got old categories and new ones, all based around the endless drama that Horse News had the pleasure to bring you in our first year of existence. This year's categories include:
> Best Thread of the Year> Coolest Staffmember of the Year> Best Butthurt of the Year> Best Shitstorm of the Year> Single Best image of the Year> Best Fanmade Video of the Year> Best Namefag of the Year> Worst Fan in the Fandom of the Year
And to suit the idiotic nature of 2014, there's also two new categories to vote on! These two are:
> Best take down of the year> What will be missed most about 2014
Since 2012, the /mlp/ end of the year awards have been a popular spot for the depraved and lonely members of the fandom to come together and figure just how terrible, wonderful, sad, or excitingly retarded that year really was.

2012 we saw /v/ being cunts, CapperGeneral got an ego boost that led to Horse News, we unfortunately came up with cumming inside Rainbow Dash, had to deal with Yamino and the now less awful PurpleTinker, ruined some Scandinavian kid's life when he asked for horse porn, and lost the best Russian friend we never had, Strelnikov.

Let's not forget 2013, folks. Last year brought us Manly Friendship, Final Draft being (what else) an annoying shit head, Jose Mendoza creeping everyone out, Mitch "coronate a bitch" Larson being based, Alicorn Twilight killing the show forever, and Mama Faust visiting our awful little home, which we even tried to clean up just for her. We failed to do so.

So, what will you vote for this year? There were certainly many memorable shit storms. OneinthePinkiePony, boiled cum jars, OP having a small dick, framed Equestria Girls porn, Peter New and Emily Jones hating us, the death of Princess Molestia, some serious bomb ass tea, the Death of the Hub and the Tree Library, Ted Anderson sucking SJW transgender dick, some troll group trying to screw over the fandom with a fake game, the glorious death of Everfree Network, and many other cases of autism. The choice is yours random reader! You can vote now in the official thread going on right now! Unless you have 4chanX, because Mootikens hates you.

Good luck and may the drama be forever useless. 

We're voting for the death of Everfree Network, which will eventually lead to us voting next year for the death of Horse News.

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