Nondescript celebratory post

Dont mind this. No reason for this post.

Good song. 

Good movie.

Good bye.

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  1. Who will you hate when all the people you hate are gone?

    1. Good answer.

    2. Lol the first thing EQN said was that they didn't quit because of drama
      I look forward to find out just how bullshit that truly is.

  2. I was wondering when the victory post would show up. Still, this needs more dancing gifs and the 'Ding Dong the Witch is Dead' from Wizard of Oz.

  3. another one bites the dust.

  4. So what person that we don't like is gone, and I missed the memo?

  5. To be fair, EFN did provide the footage for this legend:

    1. Woah I guess Google decided to show my real name.

      No rape please.

    2. >Tim felt the chilly cell wall against has back; there was nowhere to turn to now.
      >Cramped and frightened, he looked up at his tormentors, and with an adorable, pathetic quiver in his voice, he meekly asked:
      "Does it have to be this way?"
      >The figure before him shook with grim silent laughter, and in the dim ambient light, appeared to brush its hand across it's brow in sighing contempt.
      "You know it, Tim."
      >Tim swallowed, wipes his mouth, and shunted his eyes closes.
      "Please, make it quick. I'm so sorry, Anon."

      >Somewhere out in the world, a baby is born, and an old person dies. Droplets of dew kiss the blades of grass against a sun that will warm the world in an embrace of light, only to be shoved aside for the necessity of darkness which itself will peacefully make way for the sun once more.
      >Somewhere out in the world, friends laugh at each others jokes, lovers steal furtive kisses behind closed doors, and parents impart sage wisdom to the next generation.
      >And somewhere out in the world, some guy named Tim Graupner's mistake ended in a florid and purple green text story of his not-entirely-consentful sexual encounters with the genderless Anon because of a simple accident, and an appeal to human decency and kindness.

      >Tim unwillingly slurped the fluids Anon imparted, and sank back into his cell, stumbling for his cot, and waiting for Anon to provide him with water and gruel.
      "What a fool I was..."
      >Tim cuddled up to the straw that was left as a blanket.
      >A single tear drips from his eyes.
      >And he falls asleep.

    3. (;_;)7
      RIP Trim Groper: 1337-2014

    4. A gripping story that hits right in the feels.

      9/10 would dominate again

    5. Tim pls, this has nothing to do with EFN

  6. Just in time for Christmas too!! Looks like horse-news and /mlp/ have been on Santa's good list