Fandom feud escalates to chemical warfare - HAMASS gasses furries

The feud between fandoms escalated yesterday, as a Furry Convention in Illinois was the target of a Chlorine gas attack at a local Hotel. Police are investigating and searching for a culprit in the incident, which left 19 furries in need of medical attention. Horse News intelligence indicates that the furries were not the actual target, and that the true war had only just begun.

"You attacked the wrong convention!" one /pol/ user proclaimed, from his newly broken board. Evidently an assassination attempt against bronies, this attack was actually carried out by fandoms centralized on the social-justice site "tumblr".

The Sisterhood of HAMASS (Homestuck And Minecrafters Against Special Snowflakes) has taken responsibility for the attack, admitting that they "couldn't tell the difference between bronies and furries" adding however that they don't regret the mistake, as the furries were next on their alphabetical hitlist.

"First the Bronies...Then the Furries...then the Whovians..."

Why this convention though? Apparently, the target was chosen due merely to its proximity to the terrorist group's base of operations - Schaumburg Illinois - in the smoldering ruins of the former site of Dashcon. Rosemont, it seems is a short 30 minute drive away. 

Thousands of furries were evacuated from the hotel, and sent to seek shelter at another convention center, which was hosting a dog show across the street. Reportedly, very few noticed any difference.

At press time, the allied forces of "FUCKER" (Fandoms United Under Convention Killings Evoke Retaliation) has sent griefers into HAMASS's servers to destroy all their bases, and delete all of their fanfiction in response to the attacks. 

Comments (14)

  1. Did they at least have the generosity to put down those poor affected 19 animals after they were afflicted? A lot better fate than letting them live after such a tragedy.

  2. What do you mean "Newly Broken"?
    It's ALWAYS been broken!

    1. Have you seen /pol/ in the last two days?

  3. As if those furries needed more brain damage!

  4. I can't even find it in me to feel sorry for them.

    Oh, well.

  5. /POL/ did it! Now look what happens to the board.

  6. Something to bring this a little closer to the fandom: Jitterbug Jive was actually at that convention on the night of this incident. You can go over to his Tumblr right now and hear more about this firsthand, if you want. Right now he's mostly bitching about the news not giving the furries enough attention and people making jokes about it.


  8. What the hell is wrong with you bronies? Not being a furry is one thing, but knowing the general ridicule and shunning you get from society, you are in no place to ridicule furries or make light of this situation. If this happened at one of your cons, you'd cry "HATE CRIME" and wouldn't shut up about it. With all the fandom similarities bronies and furries share, furries are basically your siblings.

    Climb off your fucking high horses.

  9. Yikes, too much drama in the comments section...and I hope that every single one of those bitches from HAMASS get arrested and put in prison for a long long time, and I'm sorry, but they deserve to get stuck in some compactor or something. Just because you don't like people doesn't mean you have to attack or kill them.

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