Abraham Lincoln is a unicorn - Stephen Colbert Signs off for good

As many have heard, The Colbert Report was added to the list of "things we lost in 2014", alongside Robin Williams, The Treebrary, The Hub Network, Princess Molestia, and that one website we used to talk about. Before the show said goodbye after nearly a decade on the air, Colbert gave us one last surprise, by confirming that Abraham Lincoln was in fact a unicorn.

This would elevate lincoln to being one of the best presidents after Bill Clinton (who appears in the farewell) who is the first president to answer 100% of My Little Pony trivia correctly.

Over the past few years, Colbert has been a source of some entertainment for pony fans, after he gave several shoutouts to bronies live on the show.

Though it was evident later that he may not have had any idea what he was saying. 

While his approval by some pony-fan-haven sites such as 4chan have been strained in recent months (including his interview with an individual involved in "GamerGate") it is clear that he has always had a place in his heart for the community.

Farewell Stephen, may you bring us many more laughs on your next show.

Comments (5)

  1. Rest in peace, television's leading conservative. ;__;7

  2. Gone, but not forgotten.
    Or gone really, isn't he hosting like the late show or something?

  3. For a man who inexplicably give the fandom a shout out and then later rescinded it, blowing up ponies seems a fitting farewell.

  4. Unicorns are a myth.