2014 MLP Awards

The results are in, and the 2014 /mlp/ award winners have been chosen, sealing their places in board history forever. Let's take a moment to breakdown the winners, and who they beat out for the top spots.

Best Thread of the Year went to the "OP with a tiny dick" which beat out the Equestria Girls Framed Porn Poster by a slim margin. Some believe this thread is unworthy of the top spot, but democracy bitch.

Coolest Staffmember of the Year went to Josh Haber, who came into the spotlight on /mlp/ with his repeated enthusiastic interactions with /mlp/ users, even watching the /mlp/ 4chan Cup team kick their way to victory during Nightmare Nights, and doing not one, but 2 interviews with Horse News over the year. He's pretty based and deserves the recognition.

Best Butthurt of the Year goes to Sam Hyde and the Million Dollar Extreme Crew for their infamous shitfit over being caught with their Dark Skyes Scam. The Dark Skyes scam was up for several awards, including Shitstorm and takedown.

Best Shitstorm of the Year goes to the Ted Anderson IDW SJW cameo controversy, which continues to smolder to this day. It is arguably one of the most intense shitstorms as it features interaction with pony staff members and criticism of them. It is for those very same reasons that the "Peter New / Emily Jones Shitstorm" was in the running as well, as it lasted several days over the Christmas holiday. During that time anons on /mlp/ discussed rumors regarding the two, sent them messages over twitter, and discovered this video:

Despite Peter's involvement and responses to the anons over twitter (and his potential personal appearance on /mlp/ ) the board determined that the Ted Anderson shitstorm was more relevant to the fandom as a whole and so it took the top spot.

The "Single Best image of the Year" goes to the Pony Cum Jar, which was spread far and wide last month, even getting redistributed by major blog sites.

The "Best Fanmade Video" of the year was a tie between "Cartoon Horse Program" and "Anons to the Core"

Wootmaster took the "Best Namefag of the Year" spot for being totally based for so long. 

April "PinkiePony" Davis took the "Worst Fan in the Fandom" award for 2014, for her role in Down With Molestia and just being an overall awful person, who even complained about the charity effort /mlp/ was doing.

With the hourglass running short on sand, Everfree Network managed to pull an award right before their plug was pulled. And actually BECAUSE thier plug is being pulled. Everfree Network takes home the "Best Takedown of 2014", a category for things that anons are glad to see end.

Finally, the most important category that had so many nominees this year; "What will be missed most from 2014". Contestants included The Library Treehouse, The Hub Network, Heinessen Archives, and many others.

The Treehouse and the Hub share this honor this year.

And that's all the awards for this year. See you all in 2015, where the fandom becomes even MORE unstable!

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  1. Hehe, unstable...


  2. I don't get what the Dr. Phil clip has to do with Peter New...

    1. I'm guessing he must be in it in some fashion, but fuck it if I'm going to watch forty minutes of that to find out.

    2. The girl in the clip is the fan he supposedly fucked.