Horse News guide to Fandom Acronyms

As the pony fandom has grown over time, so has the complex lexicon that the fans use. Brand new words like "brony" and "clopper" are just the tip of the grammatical iceburg anymore. More confusing to newcomers to the fandom however, are the acronyms that fans now use in most situations, because the phrases are too damn long to type out, but now there are so many of them, it can almost be indecipherable. Below, we have compiled a list of Fan acronyms, and what they actually mean.


EQD - Equestria Daily
EQG - Equestria Girls
EFN - Everfree Network
EFNW - Everfree Northwest
BC - BronyCon
MLP-MSP - DraftCon
IWTCIRD - I want to cum inside Rainbow Dash
TS - Twilight Sparkle
PP - Pinkie Pie
PP - Pinkie Pony
RD - Rainbow Dash
FS - Fluttershy
AJ - Background Pony
EoH - Elements of Harmony
IBTJDT - I bet the Jews did this
DYEWTS - Do you even watch the show?
MLP - Maui Land Pineapple
FiM - Friendship is Magic
FIW - Friendship is Witchcraft
RDP - Raindbow Dash Presents
TF2 - Call of Duty
CLOP - Compassionately Loving Our Ponies
EQAD - Equestria After Dark
MMC - Magical Mystery Cure
HIDF - Hasbro Internet Defense Force
RoH - Return of Harmony
SSCS6K - Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000
AKR - Amy Keating Rogers
MMDW - Mysterious Mare Do Well
PSN - Pleb Station Network
CnD - Cease and Desist
PBK - Pickle Barrel Kumquat
PT - Purple Tinker
PC - Princess Celestia
FF - Filly Funtasia
FD - Final Draft
CG - Canterlot Gardens
CM - Cutie Mark
CP - Cheddar Poppers
PVL - Ponyville Live
CR - Canterlot Radio
DA - DeviantArt
PMV - Pony Music Video
TRS - The Round Stable
TER - True Equestria Rodeo
NMND - Nightmare Nights Dallas
SSF6 - Spaghetti Strike Force 6
MWBFKC - Midwest Brony Fest Kansas City
LPU - Las Pegasus Unicon
GNAA - Gay Nigger Association of America
HN - Horse News
DHN - Horse News with The D
AA - Alcoholics Anonymous
WLF - WeLoveFine
MLPG - My Little Pony General
OP - Homosexual
MM - Megan McCarthy
BBBFF - Big Brother Best Friend Forever
GAP - Great and Powerful (Trixie)
SS - Sunset Shimmer
AB - Apple Bloom
SB - Sweetie Belle
CMC - Cutie Mark Crusaders
OC - Original Character (Donut Steel)
BUCK - Brony Convention United Kingdon
BABS - Bay Area Brony Spectacular
4CC - 4chan Cup
CCG - Collectible Card Game
IGN 10/10 - It's shit
CGI - Crappy GraphIcs
DHX - Decode Halifax Media
MLB - "My Little Brony" (Memebase)
DCS - DerpyCon South
PiE - Ponies in Earth
AiE - Anon in Equestra
durl -"Hub" spelled backwards - a phrase when entered in the HN search box yields a surprise
GGG - Grand Galloping Gala
NSFW - Not Safe for Woona
OTP - Only True Pairing
OT3 - Only True 3way
OTGB - Only True Gang Bang
DWM - Down With Molestia
FO:E - Fallout Equestria
SJW - Social Justice Warrior
FAG - Film Actors Guild
PFUDOR - Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows
FMTTGBH - Follow Me to the Gay Bathhouse
PANFS - Ponies are not for sexual
DYEL - Do you even lift?
DRAMA - Dallas Regional Anthropomorphic Meeting Association
RR - Rainbow Rocks
EQLA - Equestria Los Angeles
TRU - Toys R Us
WBC - Westboro Baptist Church
AYY LMAO - Unknown
CYOA - Choose Your Own Adventure
GBG - Grand Brony Gala
JJ - John Joseco
PK - Pixel Kitties
LSA - Live Smut Anon
BAP - Big Apple Ponycon
VIPR - Very Important Person Relations
FE - Fiesta Equestria
TSSSF - Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder
CaE - Cards Against Equinity
BBC - Big Black Cock

That should be enough to get you started.

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  1. Okay, I lost my sides at Cheddar Poppers.

  2. No BfG - Bronies for Good? ;_;

  3. You forget MAS and RDP, yet included the abortion that it FiW.

    For shame HN

    1. RDP is in there, are you blind?

    2. On that note, BBBFF = Ben, Ben, Ben, Francis, and Francis.

    3. *clicks like button because gets reference*

  4. I wasn't expecting to see FE in the list :o
    I find that pretty cool since it's the only con I've been to. Didn't know it was that well known.

  5. Additional information, taking out the jokes:
    1. AJ - Applejack
    2. It's Pineapple, not Pinapple. This isn't a joke breakdown, but a typo correction.
    3. TF2 - Team Fortress 2
    4. CLOP - onomatopoeia for the sound of a horse's or pony's hooves, in this case equivalent to "fap", but with ponies.
    5. PSN - Play Station Network
    6. DHN - Derpy Hooves News
    7. OP - Original Poster, or original post.
    8. IGN 10/10 - See the "Video Game Scoring" section of this article.
    9. CGI - Computer-generated imagery
    10. NSFW - also stands for Not Safe For Work (duh)
    11. OTP - also stands for One True Pairing
    12. AYY LMAO - no one knows for sure

    1. You must be fun at part-- oh, whom am I kidding, we all sit all day in front of our comps...

  6. Look at that, PVL made it on the list. You rarely see them anywhere on Horse News. Wonder why.

  7. >TF2 - Call of Duty
    all of my butthurt