Brony gets piece of ass at niece's birthday party

It was a thing of horror and beauty this weekend, when local brony Lester "Moe" Stevens, "got a piece of ass" at his 7 year old niece's pony-themed birthday party.

"It felt so wrong, but it tasted so right" said Stevens, 24, recounting his time "tearing into that ass" on his brother-in-law's kitchen table.

Stevens said his niece Kelly looked terrified when she first saw it, but after tasting it, learned to like it.
"I told her to stop crying and taste the frosting, before shoving it in her face."

The cake was designed by a local baked-goods artist, who spent over 6 hours creating a fully-edible My Little Pony birthday cake, complete with rainbow-layered innards. The OC pony which was named "Sleepy Head" was sculpted to appear as though she was taking a nap.

"When it came time to carve it, we didn't really know how to handle the irregular shape, so we chopped it right down the middle for the kids to enjoy. I myself took a chunk of the left flank of the pony cake." explained Stevens. "That was the best piece of ass I've ever had."

The initial sight of the bisected horse was frightening to the children of the party, and almost brought the birthday girl to tears before Lester showed them how good it tasted. Stevens explained that at first he was hesitant to consume the pastry so that the children would have enough, but upon realizing how hungry he was, and how delicious the cake was, he "tore it up".

"It's almost criminal how good it was."

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