3 nights in Boston: No tea in this party

Horse News has been, simply put, on a convention binge this Fall, in an almost desperate attempt to fill the hole left by the now-longest Hiatus on record. We've been everywhere from Dallas to Detroit, New York to Los Angeles, and god knows where in between. We've been to at least one con a weekend, and we're fairly certain we're going to die by Thanksgiving.

This past weekend, we sent out a couple writers to Boston Massachusetts, for a little convention called "DrawnCon".

Before we got to DrawnCon however, the team decided to take advantage of the excuse to be in New England, and spend a couple days being tourists. This will, in retrospect, be likely deemed a mistake by everyone involved, but it was an undeniably good time.

Because Horse-News has no discernable revenue stream to speak-of, naturally we made the whole experience as inexpensive as possible. Which resulted in us spending 2 nights at a Hostel in Chinatown. Checking in, we see this sign, upon exiting the elevator:

We knew this was an omen of good things to come. Beneath this wall-sized display, was a plaque, explaining the history of "Prince Spaghetti" and how, because of Boston, "Wednesday is Spaghetti Day" in America. This board was seen on the 4th floor of the building, where we found room 420.


Upon opening the door to our room, we were met by a strange sight: A grown man, easily in his 50's, wearing an Armani suit, well groomed, dressing to leave. Upon asking what he was here for, the man replied in a thick Turkish accent "Drinking". We liked this guy immediately. Upon further questioning, the man revealed he was actually a representative from Turkey, who was in Boston for a "Political Summit".

We decided not to ask any further questions, and accepted that our bunk mate was some kind of diplomat looking for a good time. After several hours of crippling sobriety, we sauntered off into the evening to a pub with some of the heads of the convention.

For the record; DrawnCon staff can hold their booze quite well.

The next day was all about Murrica and being filthy tourists. We walked the entire length of the Freedom Trail, which took us to such places as the Old North Church, Paul Revere's home, the Bunker Hill memorial, and the USS Constitution museum, where we met a tiny old man who told us stories about building model ships.

Some of the displays in the museum however, either were not though-through all the way, or were just intentionally messing with us, we're not sure which.

We made it all the way to Bunker Hill before we finally got a case of the munchies.

But given the street signs we found there, we probably weren't the only ones.

Eventually, we DID finally go off to the convention, where we had a pretty good time. Despite it not being classified as a Brony convention, just like any con that attracts cartoon fans, the place was overrun with them. There were Voice Actors from cartoons, gaming rooms, and all the standard convention fare that we flock to like an addiction.

The charity auction at the con brought several surprises, including the Rina Chan Raspberry Pi-lestia toy, as well as this Twilight Sparkle sports jersey, which looks rather similar to ones designed for the /mlp/ 4chan cup team.

Foal Papers was there taking notes and such. The panel selections at the con were interesting, in that they included topics that you would not expect to find at a standard pony convention. Such headlines as "Cartoon Controversy" (which became a Convention Controversy panel) as well as "Worst Cartoon Ever" and "My Little Alcoholics" (where I was called a misogynist) were enough to show us that this con is not afraid to delve into the negative, or the adult. HN assisted in winning a Cartoon Trivia contest, and naturally there were trips to the liquor store, conveniently located next door to the convention.

Never did find out who's buried in Grant's tomb.

Our time there was regrettably short, but it was enjoyable to say the least. If you're in the Boston / Massachusetts area, it's definitely worth checking out next year. 

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  1. Ya'll are welcome back any time guys. <3

  2. Also, from one of my staff.

    "14:03:32: ""My Little Alcoholics" (where I was called a misogynist)" he totally got it wrong. I actually called him a misogynistic shitlord."

  3. Well goddamn it I live in Boston and I could have got to meet Capper in person while dropping spaghetti all over the con floor but nooooo

  4. I thought that you're called a "misogynist" relatively often. As soon as people learn that you are from /mlp/, at least.

  5. Yeah, My Little Alcoholics was supposed to "premiere" at DrawnCon and then make it's way over to the internet, but... still waiting on that second part.

    1. Ghostly Hamburger19 November 2014 at 06:39


      Expect an announcement shortly.

  6. Damn, I wish I hadn't been busy that weekend, I could have hung out with you goys