Point And Click Pony Game Update

We've got a few more updates from aspiring game developer HeroOfTime1000, so head on after the break if you're at all interested.

That about sums it up, doesn't it
A little while ago, we conducted an interview talking about HeroOfTime, and what he does. You can find that here.

If you're not quite sure who HeroOfTime is, he's a game developer who dabbles in the pixelated pony arts. His first major game, The Underworld's Cello, is a game centered around Octavia, who, led astray through the woods looking for a party, finds herself in a haunted mansion trying to find her Wub-Loving friend Vinyl.

His intended release date for the game was for the 31st of this month, but due to the game's complexity, he is unable to achieve that goal. However, he is very appreciative of all the help he's receiving, because believe it or not this is not a small production.

That one Vinyl voice actor that doesn't suck? She's in this. There are also a great deal of other people who will be contributing their voice to this behemoth of a project.

So what does this mean to you? Well, you might actually be getting some quality pone-vidya in the very near future.

On a related note, all those helping HeroOfTime1000 on this project have now been placed under the group name Best Ending Games, and hopes to use that title to release other indie non-pone games in the future.

Back to the game, there will be an extended demo released on Halloween for anyone who wants to see, and this Friday at 7:30 AM Central Standard Time there will be a livestream to show off the game so far.

Keep your eyes out for updates on the game, and other developments in the newly formed Best Ending Games.

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  1. Can't wait for this. Seriously enjoyed the last demo.

  2. I sure am looking forward to this. There can never be enough (but there are very few) ICOM-style first-person adventures that kill you off in various and potentially amusing ways.

  3. Oh, I love fun and interesting online games.